Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

December 15 - December 21, 2003


Dec 15
We welcomed anglers Fred Stabler and Joel Kaplan from Washington DC for their first visit to Guatemala. Fred and Joel were fly fishers, the first day was successful with each catching 2 sails on fly. Fishing at only 13-15 miles offshore, sailfish were around but not in great numbers. We noticed a great deal of bait in the water.

Dec 16
Action heated up and we raised 24 sails with 19 bites on the teasers and Fred and Joel released 9 sails on fly! A great day of fishing!

Dec 17
The weather turned cold and the wind started to blow from the northeast. Water was rough and fishing was slow: however 2 more sails were released on fly.
"The Lodge was great, the people were great and the fishing was great! You can bet we will be coming back real soon" - Joel Kaplan.

Dec 18
We welcomed our next group, also fly fishing and action started early with Jeff Brausch claiming the first release. Following was Jody Brausch with his first sail ever, on fly, a big 110 lb sailfish! Bill Mott released 2 on a small spinning rig and one other sail was released on fly. Water conditions were rough, two other charter boats cancelled but the day was definitely good for our group.

Dec 19
The wind and water remained rough with the cold system that was over Guatemala. Despite the conditions, along with us, three other charter boats and one private boat ventured out for the day. It was slow fishing for sails but the cool weather brought out the marlin! The private boat hooked up and released a 150 lb blue marlin early on. Next up was "Capt Hook" who released a 350 lb blue in the late morning. Our shot was in the early afternoon, when a 300 lb blue attacked one of our teasers and head mate Tito threw out a marlin rigged mullet. The blue grabbed the mullet and Jeff Brausch took the rod...25 minutes later, Jeff had caught and released his first ever blue marlin. Meanwhile a little later "Coyote 2" hooked up a 250lb blue on fly but unfortunately lost it one foot from a legal catch. Heartbreak City!! But what an amazing day, 4 out of 5 boats hooked blue marlin and none fishing within site of the others. Our clients released 4 sails on fly that day and Bill using his small spinning outfit, released another 100lb plus sail. A great great day of fishing.

Dec 20
This day was even rougher than the previous 3 days. Fishing was slow for everyone, the wind was strong and the waves choppy. We raised 2 sails in the morning, one grabbed the fly that Jeff Brausch threw out and he successfully released another large 100lb plus sail.
"We’ll definitely be back next year with you!" - Jeff Brausch Sailfish Bay Lodge has limited openings in March and April. Call now if you want dates. May - August more space is available.

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