Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

November 2007


Nov 1 - Jim and Loren Forshaw arrived at Sailfish Bay. Fishing aboard Mariner they raised 2 sailfish, had 0 releases, but released 3 dorado.

Nov 2 - The Forshaw group raised 6 sailfish and released 1 conventional. It was Loren's first sailfish. They also raised one Blue marlin, but could not get it to take.

Michael Speyer and Michael Groveman made their 4th visit to Guatemala. They released 1 dorado on fly.

Nov 3 - Jim and Loren released 3 sailfish and 4 dorado conventional on Mariner.

Michael and Michael focused on inshore fishing and released two 20+ lb Roosterfish and 1 Mackerel conventional on Sirena. They almost nailed a 3rd Rooster on fly after the fish made 3 strikes at the fly.

Nov 4 - Michael took a boat ride and returned with 0.

Nov 5 - Matt Lundak returned again to Sailfish Bay and his group included Bruce Lundak, Mike Anderson, Peter Knolla, Bob Beck, Bob Bledsoe, Kurt Tibbs, Darren Johnson, Kevin Orr, Mike Joshephson, and Bob Elet.

Fishing aboard Sirena the group released 2 dorado and 1 tuna.

Fishing aboard Mariner the group released 1 sailfish conventional.

Nov 6 - On Day #2 the strategy was to send 2 boats inshore and 1 boat offshore. The sailfish have been a good ways out there recently and our inshore fishing can be very productive.

Mariner had 2 sailfish raises and released 2 conventional. They also released two 25 lb dorado.

Sirena cleaned up inshore by raising 8 Roosterfish and releasing 3. They also released 8 Jacks and 1 Mackerel.

Ballena released 1 Mackerel and 2 Bonito.

Nov 7 - Sirena nailed them again inshore releasing 4 Roosterfish, 3 Mackerel, and 4 Jacks.

Mariner raised 3 sailfish and released 2 conventional. They also released one 20 lb Dorado and 1 Yellowfin Tuna.

Ballena went out chasing sails and had 0 releases.

Nov 11 - The father/son team of Ken and Kris Stewart arrived at SBL. The raised 6 sailfish, released 0, however, released a Big Blue Marlin around 450 lbs on Mariner.

Nov 12 - Kris and Ken raised 11 sailfish, released 5 on fly and also raised another Marlin that they could not get to take the bait aboard Mariner.

Brian, Mark, Jeff, and Harold Stannard arrived at Sailfish Bay. They raised 5 sailfish and released 4. They also released a 400 lb Blue Marlin and 2 small dorado fishing on Sirena.

Nov 13 - The Stannard group raised 4 sailfish and released 3 conventional on Sirena. They also caught 2 dorado.

Nov 14 - The Stannard group raised 6 sailfish and released 3 conventional. The also released another 400 lb Blue marlin and a Yellowfin Tuna.

Nov 15 - It did not take Michael Harahan long to return to Sailfish Bay. Michael fished back with us in March and brought with him this time around Christopher Harahan, Derek van den Bosh, Kevin Wieland and John Nelson.

Fishing aboard Sirena they raised 7 sailfish and released 5 conventional. They also raised 2 Blue marlin and released one 30 lb dorado.

Fishing aboard Mariner they raised 6 sailfish and released 4 sailfish conventional along with a dorado.

Also, arriving at SBL were William Lumadue, Richard Barr, and Charles Eberly. The group is focused on fly fishing for sails. Fishing aboard Ballena they raised 8 sailfish and had 0 releases.

Nov 16 - The Harahan group raised 9 sailfish and released 4 conventional aboard Sirena. They also released one 250 lb Blue Marlin.

Aboard Mariner The Harahan group raised 4 sailfish and released 1 conventional.

The Eberly group raised 9 sailfish and released 2 on fly aboard Ballena. They also released 1 dorado on fly and hooked up Blue Marlin on fly.

Nov 17 - The Harahan group raised 2 sailfish and released 2 sailfish conventional on Mariner. They also released two 30 lb dorado.

The Harahan group also fishing aboard Sirena raised 3 sailfish and had 0 releases.

The Eberly group raised 2 sailfish and released 2 sails on fly aboard Ballena. AND they also released a smaller Blue Marlin on fly!!

Nov 27 - Randy Raisins arrived at Sailfish Bay for some prime time Guatemala fishing. Aboard Sirena Randy raised 24 sailfish and released 16 conventional.

Nov 29 - Randy Raisins continued slamming sailfish on Sirena raising 30 sailfish today and releasing 17 conventional.

We were happy to welcome back Bill & Sheila Hassan to SBL. Having fished with us last year at this time they knew when they wanted to return. They focus solely on fly fishing for sails. They raised 24 sailfish on Mariner and released 6 on fly. Great job!!

Nov 30 - Bill and Sheila smoked them again today raising 24 sailfish and releasing 7 on fly. They also raised a marlin. For those looking to determine fly vs. conventional it is generally 1 out of 3 fly fishing (it does vary). So that translates into 21 sailfish releases conventional. We are always asked that question so there is your answer.

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