Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

November 30 - December 6, 2003


Nov 30
Fishing remains very good despite some windy weather for three days due to the change of moon position. We went out with Fred Tabor from Lansing, Michigan who recently married a Guatemalan woman. Fred has wanted to catch a sailfish for all his life and was not disappointed. Shortly after the lines were in the water, the day's first sail came up and Fred fought his first sail for the next 20 minutes. Fishing was pretty steady all day, our boat "Maverick" raised 21 sails and we caught and released 13. Fred caught 11 and guide Robert Fallon added 2 when we had double hookups. "What a fantastic day of fishing, what a blast!" exclaimed Fred who plans to return in March with several friends.

Dec 2
We took out 4 seasoned anglers, one who has fished here for years. Water remained pretty good and our clients released 9 sails out of 12 bites. Several other charter boats reported similar numbers for the day.

Dec 3
The next day for our anglers was exciting when a 250lb blue marlin ripped on one of the teasers. Our captain Lan teased him close to the boat and head mate Tito tossed a fresh mackerel, which the marlin attacked, swallowed and was hooked. Putting on a great aerial show, the marlin spent the next 15 minutes jumping airborne in a desperate attempt to free itself. Ten minutes later, we successfully released the blue. Clients also released 9 sails for a fantastic day of Guatemalan fishing!

Dec 4
The day began well with a quick double hookup and later in the afternoon, the bite was on. Clients released 12 sails out of 14 bites in an hour and half. Another great day in Guatemala! When the bite turns on in Guatemala, it's absolutely awesome. Doubles, triples and in some cases, 4 or 5 sails are hooked at the same time. Guatemala holds both conventional and fly records for most sails released in one day. no place in the world has the sailfish population like Guatemala! For information on The World's Best Sailfishing call us at 1-800-638-7405!

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