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A tour of some of Central America’s best fishing areas, lodges, and charters

By Robert Goodier


Approximately 32 kilometers (20 miles) off Guatemala's Pacific coast, fisherman Jeff Morrow, an attorney from Florida, hooked a billfish on a flyrod then jumped from the back of the chartered yacht into a plastic kayak to reel the monster in. His buddy shot a video of the affair, which is now available on You Tube. The yacht was one of five state-of-the-art boats in Sailfish Bay Lodge's fleet, a high-end fishing outfit and hotel on a barrier island bordering the Chiquimulia Canal in Guatemala. The kayak was just for bragging rights.

More and more fishermen hook billfish like Morrow did, minus the kayak, from the deck of a yacht and talk about it later over drinks in an ocean-view lodge. While a few remote outposts devoid of roads where fishermen arrive by air or water still persist, fantastic fishing carried out in style and safety is becoming the standard from Guatemala to Panama.

The next great billfishing adventure on the Pacific is in Guatemala. And, if Scott Ruprecht, President of Sportfishing Worldwide, is right, it is stellar. Ruprecht prefaces his praise for Guatemala with the reminder that he sends fishermen all over the world to the best freshwater and saltwater destinations, including Panama, Costa Rica and Baja California, but "Guatemala is the hands down, knockdown, drag-out champion of the world for sailfish," says Ruprecht. In fact, he likes the area so much that he has built a lodge there, Sailfish Bay Lodge.

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A tour of some of Central America’s best fishing areas, lodges, and charters

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