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May 15 - Nov 15, 2008
Up To 30% off Package Rates
Wonderful time to experience great fishing and save a few bucks along the way.

Each year our clients who travel with us during this time are pleasantly surprised at how good our fishing is year-round in Guatemala.

The sailfishing is still very productive and we become more of a mixed bag fishery during this time. Dorado, Tuna, Roosters and Marlin are strong possibilities.


Do you offer discounted rates because this is not a good time for fishing in Guatemala?
No, not all. One of the main reasons we offer discounted rates during this time is the intent to try and sway traveling anglers from the freshwater destinations like Alaska, Montana, Iceland, etc that are more heavily booked at this time. A good rate is added incentive.

Will I raise 40 sailfish a day?
Most likely not, but releases of 6 to 8 sailfish a day is the norm. Many days we can see double digit releases of sailfish on conventional gear. Throw in prime time for dorado and tuna and it is a good "bend of the rod" time of year. Fly fishers will love this time of year.

What if we do not want to fish every day can we custom tailor the package? Sure, at this time of the year it is much easier for us to be flexible. Fish offshore. Fish inshore. Fish a half day. Take a day off to break up the fishing. Rest, relax by the beach and pool.

Is this a good time to bring my family? It is a wonderful time to bring the family. Many of our clients will fish with us two times a year and zero in on the summer to save a few dollars to bring more anglers.

Is this a good time to bring non-anglers?
It is an excellent time to bring your non-angling spouse(s) or kids. With our superb accommodations right on the beach it is an ideal destination for non-anglers. In addition, we can customize side trips to Antigua, coffee farms, sugar factories, and more.

Does it rain a lot?
It rains, but mostly at night. It does not affect you during the day while out fishing. Each night for about an hour or two or sometimes longer we get a shower.

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