Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

October 24 - November 13, 2003


Our season began with a bang. Our first group of the season released a 350 lb blue marlin on Day 1. Roy Hager from Alabama fishing with 3 other friends fought his marlin for over an hour before the release was complete. A larger black marlin came up to take a look at the boat's teasers, took a swipe at our bait but lost interest and swam off. Marlin continue to be the hot news here in Guatemala with releases and sightings almost daily.

Our first group released numerous sails in 3 days along with the marlin. One member of the group, Dr Lee Franklin (2 days after being back) rebooked a trip for 2004 and 2005 to Sailfish Bay Lodge. Next we welcomed Ian Jack, Bobby Walker, and Noel Brown to Sailfish Bay Lodge. Their first day began with 3 sailfish releases and 5 white tuna found among a large group of spinner dolphins. The second day saw 4 sail releases and the group finished Day #3 with 11 sailfish, 18 total for their trip in 3 days. On Nov 6, fly fishing client Ed Opler arrived for his third visit with us and brought several friends including Jeff Currier, bronze medal winner of the International Fly Fishing Championship held this year in Europe. Fishing aboard "Maverick", Jeff showed off his skill by nailing a sail on fly on his first try. His wife Yvonne followed with her first ever sail on fly and then Ed had his first for the new season. Ed's friend, Patty followed the group catching her first sail ever, also on fly. Jeff released another one for an opening day total of 5. Fishing out at 20-25 miles the water color is green-blue, not ideal but we raised 15 sails. Meanwhile on "Pica Pletes", our friend Fernando Aguilar, released a 300 lb black marlin, his fourth in the past 2 months! Now named "Mr Marlin", Fernando has led the marlin craze here in Guatemala for the past several months. Cooler water has moved in bringing with it a large number of blue and black marlin. Day #2 for the Opler group resulted in 5 sails landed on fly Day #3, 4 sails landed on fly. Day #4, 0 sails landed on fly and Day #5, 1 sail landed on fly. The currents shifted and fishing really tailed off the last few days. On Nov 12 we welcomed John O'Donnell and friends for a nice evening of dinner and drinks at Sailfish Bay Lodge. On the 13th they fished on "Maverick" releasing 8 sails and 5 white tuna. The Presidential Challenge of Central America Tournament begins on Nov 14 for the Guatemala leg of the tournament also held in Costa Rica and Panama. Our boat "Maverick" and crew will be involved and we hope fishing is good. Results will be posted on our site. Several dates are completely sold out in 2004, but a few holes in prime time remain. Please call us at 800-638-7405 or email us at if you would like to join us in Guatemala. Our rebooking rate is currently about 80% so don't miss out on another year! Tight Lines, Robert Fallon Sailfish Bay Lodge Iztapa , Guatemala

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