Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

The Angling Report - Sept 2008


Two subscribers have checked in recently with reports on trips to Central America. The first is from Ron Hooey who fished in Guatemala with Sailfish Bay Lodge. Hooey says four groups at the lodge during his stay raised about 55 sailfish per day, landing approximately 10 on a fly rod and 40 with conventional tackle. One group landed a 600-pound marlin. He says they also saw lots of dorado. He writes: "The fishing at Sailfish Bay lived up to the hype. The 35-foot Viking Sirena was the perfect rig and the crew was phenomenal. In three days, they did not have one mishap - no tangled lines, no hiccups hooking up, plenty of food and drink and great eyes to spot the fish. The lodge could not have been more comfortable, and the staff was the most friendly and accommodating ever. We showed up from a long day of fishing to have an icy rum cocktail waiting for us on the dock. A cool dip in the pool followed by an amazing dinner was finished off with a cigar at the cabana on the beach - spectacular. This was everything you could want on a luxury fishing vacation." (Postscript: Hooey gives a cost of $3,400 for four nights and three days of fishing.)

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