Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge



For The Angler Who Has Everything

Can't decide what you want as a Gift for the Holidays from your Wife, Husband, Son, Grandfather, or Whoever? We can help!

How about a fishing trip to Sailfish Bay!

This certificate is good for a fishing trip to Sailfish Bay in Guatemala

In the amount of $_______

To: (The World’s Greatest Angler)

From: (Your Biggest Fan)

CONTACT: Scott Ruprecht

955 Pavilion Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Toll-free 800-638-7405 or 513-984-8611
Fax 513-984-0013

*Reservations must be made by SBL at least thirty (30) days in advance of arrival.

*Reservations are subject to availability. Reservations can only be made by following the procedures listed on this certificate.

*To make reservations call Sailfish Bay at 800-638-7405 or email

*Confirmed reservation dates must be changed through Sailfish Bay.

Sailfish Bay Lodge
955 Pavilion St. | Cincinnati, OH 45202
Tel: 513-984-8611 or 800-638-7405 | Fax: 513-984-0831
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