Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

September 19, 2003


Excellent Fishing!!! Lots of Marlin!!!
Cool blue water has moved in and has brought sailfish and loads of marlin. One local boat owner has caught 2 blue marlin and one black marlin in the past two weekends. On Sept 17, one local charter released a 450 lb blue marlin and 8 sailfish. The other charter released 10 sails. We took a group out yesterday on our boat Maverick and released 13 sails and one blue marlin came up to play with a teaser but didn’t take our bait.

Yesterday "Magic" released one sail on fly but 2 blue marlin came up on their teasers. Their clients offered flies but the marlin lost interest. The day before on "Magic", one other blue marlin surfaced and failed to take their bait. The water temperature is 84-85 degrees, perfect for sails and marlin and the fishing has been at 32-38 miles out. Dorado have been scarce and our Fish Finder has noticed a strong line of bait about 100 ft below the surface. We look forward to going out this weekend and hope to report more releases of marlin.

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