Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

September 9, 2003


Sept 9
We took our boat "Maverick" out for three hours to check water conditions and try some fly fishing for sails. Sailfish Bay Lodge host/guide Robert Fallon hooked up on fly the first sail teased in by his mate. But, on the first jump, the sail threw the fly. The next two bites were "bad bites" but the fourth sail was hooked up well and the battle was on. "I'm very aggressive when I have a sail hooked on fly but this one jumped only once and headed for the bottom. It took me 30 minutes for the release, but that's not too bad for a 100lb plus sail!" We use Stu Apt's Signature fly equipment (12/13 weight)and we're impressed on how strong it is. "I fight the fish as aggressively on fly as conventional tackle!"

In an hour we raised 8 sails, got 5 bites and released 1 on spinning and 1 on fly.

The big story however was our friend Fernando Aguilar, owner of Marina Pez Vela, caught and released a 350lb black marlin while fishing aboard his boat "Pica Pletes"! Fernando loves to search for groups of spinner dolphins and found two large groups. He caught 40 yellowfin tuna. In addition to the marlin and tuna, He also released 8 sailfish! A fantastic fishing day! Congratulations Fernando!

Only the two of us were out for the day because for the past three weeks, water has been both hot and green for at least 50 miles and fishing poor. However, blue water has moved into 24 miles, the temperature is normal and fishing is excellent.

We will continue updating water and fishing conditions.

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