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Yahoo! Sports - NFL Head Coach Jeff Fisher & That Marlin at Sailfish Bay


We can't wait for the youtube video coming of NFL Coach Jeff Fisher's son Brandon breaking our marlin record down at Sailfish Bay!

Here is an interesting article about the marlin and relating it to Coach Fisher and The Tennessee Titans.

"Fisher not shaken by chatter, departures"
By Michael Silver, Yahoo! Sports
Jun 5, 12:53 pm EDT


As a former Chicago Bears safety and the NFLís longest-tenured current head coach, Jeff Fisher has seen his share of struggles between insanely motivated physical specimens. What he witnessed from the deck of a fishing boat off the coast of Guatemala last week, however, put anything he has seen on the football field to shame.

Fifty miles offshore in resplendent Pacific Ocean waters, the Tennessee Titans coach and his sons, Brandon and Trent, were on the prowl for blue marlin when Brandon felt a sudden jolt on his reel. More than a half-hour later, the senior linebacker at the University of Montana was still trying to subdue his prey when the marlin, an estimated 650-pound monster, emerged atop the oceanís surface and made a furious lunge for the watercraft.

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Yahoo! Sports

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