Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Castaway Films & Sailfish Bay


In April 2010 we will be collaborating with Castaway Films on shooting a few HD fly fishing videos.

Here is a preliminary write-up on the project from owner, Grant Wiswell.

It is not every day that I would return to a fishing destination. After all, the world is a big place and it's just begging to be discovered. It seems that almost weekly a brand new "world-class fishery" emerges, and my angling "bucket list" elusively enlarges. That being said once in a while (once in a great while) we experience a fishery that leaves an indelible impression which perpetually begs for reunion and rediscovery. One of those unique places for me is Iztapa, Guatemala.

Several years ago, I was introduced (and subsequently ruined) to Bluewater fly fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge. During "an unseasonably slow" four days we raised 97 sails, a 350 pound Blue, multiple Tuna, and more Dorado than I could count. We "only" ended up landing 12 fish over 100 pounds (Oh the shame of it). Unfortunately, that first pelagic experience set the Bluewater bar so high, that billfishing thereafter in Panama, Costa Rica, Tonga, Hawaii, and Cabo left much to be desired. I know that Norman Maclean is haunted by waters, but I am haunted by the memory of that lost 350 pound blue.

A few days ago, while thinking of that missed Marlin, I decided to give Scott Ruprecht a call. Scott is the Owner and Chief Operator of Iztapas strongest fleet and finest accommodations at Sailfish Bay Lodge. This place is spectacular!, but don't take my word for it, Sailfish Bay has been featured in Fortune Magazine and was recently selected as one of Men's Journal's "100 Greatest Adventures" in the World. After briefly catching up, we decided that a film was in order to document these fish and fishery.

More details will be forthcoming on the film project at Sailfish Bay Lodge.

For more information on Castaway Films please click the link below:

Castaway Films

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