Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

August 1 - August 4, 2003


Aug 1
We welcomed the Seller's family from Florida for their first visit to Guatemala. Fishing at 18 miles, Corey Sellers started off the trip catching a 90 lb sail. Shortly after, Chris added another 90 lb sail. Sails were plentiful, seen swimming on the surface, but were not aggressive after consuming a line of bait we spotted on our fish finder located about 40 ft below the surface. However the day ended with a double header and the Sellers released 11 for their first day!

Aug 2
The second day started off with a triple-header of big dorado, two about 30lbs and the other was 25 lbs. A great start for a fantastic fishing day. The Seller’s released 17 sails and their tally included 3 doubles and one triple! Blue water was moving out and we fished between 20 and 23 miles. A local boat owner club held a tournament that day and top boat was “Sirena” with 19 sail releases.

Aug 3
The third day was similar to the first with sails seen swimming on the surface, sometimes in groups of 4 to 6. Bait was apparently abundant below the surface and when we trolled next to the swimming sails, only an occasional sail showed interest. Fishing was excellent and the Seller's released another 11 sails and had 2 more doubles and one triple-header!

Aug 4
Their last day was further out as the patch of blue water was shrinking and moving out farther. Fishing now at 30 miles, the Seller's released 6 sails to end a great trip to Guatemala. They totaled 45 sails in 4 days (our "slow season"!) and are making reservations to return in January.

Sailfish Guatemala News
We have renamed our private house "Sailfish Bay Lodge" and will be adding another facility and another boat for the upcoming prime season. Reservations are coming in weekly so be sure your clients know they need to move now. Except for large groups, we are no longer
promoting the hotel "Villas del Pacifico". Clients love our Lodge and very importantly, clients now depart directly from our Lodge aboard our boats. There is no travel time to the Marina!

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