Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

July 20 - July 30, 2003


July 20
We welcomed Jim Scott and family to Sailfish Bay Lodge. Jim is manager of El Pescador Fishing Lodge in nearby Belize and was anxious to try his luck hooking up a sail on fly. It didn't take long before the first sail came up on a teaser. Our head mate Tito teased the sail close to the boat and Jim laid out a perfect cast. The sail practically jumped out of the water trying to strike the fly and missed his first attempt. we watched as the sail turned around and hit the fly for a second time. He took it this time and proceeded to jump and dance hoping to throw the fly. Jim held strong and after a one hour battle, released his first sail ever on fly! One sail, one cast, one release! Fishing with Jim was the manager of his Spanish school in Antigua and before today, Santiago had never been fishing in his life! On his second hook up with a sail, he successfully released his first ever caught fish, a 90 lb sailfish! What a great day and Jim is planning to return and fish for sails on fly with us again soon. (Guide Robert is going to Belize next week to visit El Pescador and hopes to catch his first permit on fly!)

July 24
Bill Stevens from Texas took several friends on their first fishing trip here in Guatemala. The result was 7 sails released and one dorado. Fishing was at 20 miles and water was clear and blue.

July 28
Our friends aboard "Capt Hook" had a great day of fishing releasing 17 sailfish while raising 27. Numerous dorado were caught and fishing has been at 8 to 10 miles from shore. Just two days earlier, the owner of Marina Pez Vela, Fernando Aguilar, caught 106 dorado and 24 tuna! Right now dorado are plentiful, sails are in close and tuna can be found under floating debris along with dorado. Water is clear blue, weather is great.

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