Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

June 11 - June 14, 2003


June 11
We welcomed first timers Adam Schramm and Jeff Shearan to our Lodge. Visiting from Virgina, they both were excited to catch sailfish and dorado. The first day out was slow for us, a low pressure system from Panama was starting to cover all of Central America. Two sailfish were caught but we reeled in about 20 dorado for the day. Other boats experienced the same, water was a great color but we didn't see many sails free jumping or swimming along the surface.

June 12
Action remained about the same, today they released 3 sailfish and caught more dorado. The other 2 boats out experienced the same thing.

June 13
Weather started to blow early on, the effect of the low system and the full moon. Today our guys released 4 sails, top boat among the other 3 out. Dorado were plentiful all day.

June 14
Wind continued strong, only 3 boats came out. Our guys had a double hookup , their first, early on and after that we never saw another sail. One boat released one sail early and the other got skunked. Rough weather and the fish were deep. Fishing was slow this week but our crew and clients took advantage of what was available with 11 releases out of 12 bites and we were top boat 3 out of 4 days. (They loved the Lodge and we treated them well for dinner serving jumbo shrimp, fresh dorado and 2lb lobsters!)

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