Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

The Angling Report - Review From Italy


Report ID: 4177
How Trip Was Conducted: Guided
Date of Trip: February 6 - 13, 2010
Place of Trip: Guatemala - - Water: Pacific Ocean
Specific Area: Puerto Iztapa

Outfitter (or lodge): Sailfish Bay Lodge. 955 Pavilion St. Cincinnati, OH, 45202. Tel. 513-984-8611, 800-638-7405. Fax 513-891-0013. E-mail:, Web:

Personal Guide (if any): Capt. Rolando, Maverick

Species Sought/Availability:
Sailfish - Availability: Abundant
Marlin - Availability: Average
Dorado - Availability: Average
Tuna, Yellowfin - Availability: Average

Description of Catch Made: Our group of 4 people (two per boat) landed 27 sailfish and a blue marlin of 200 pounds and one striped marlin of 160 pounds all on fly.

Type of Fishing: Between 20 and 50 miles from shore.
Equipment Used: 13-14 fly rods - leviathan big game intermediate fly lines.
Flies Used: Cam Sigler pink/white, wiggletail squid, a new fly developed from my frineds Roberto Del Grosso and Paolo Pacchiarini.
Water/Weather Conditions: We have had good weather, light wind and lot of sun.

Condition of Equipment: Good Knowledge of Water: Excellent
Quality of Accommodation: Good
General Fishing Knowledge: Excellent
Quality of Food: Good
Ability to Communicate: Good
Overall Service: Good
Overall Personality: Good
Name of Airline: Iberia Airline Service

Airline Comments: Our flight to Guatemala was a nightmare, the worst flight of my life, we had a delay of three hours on the flight from Milan to Madrid caused by a blackout on Iberia's check-in system, so we lost.

Problems on the Trip: The flight.
Highlights of the Trip: I have boated the first marlin of my life on a flyrod - striped marlin 160 pounds and one sailfish of 150 pounds and others smaller sailfish.
Cost of the Trip: $7,000. 6 days fishing, 2 per boat
Would You Recommend This Trip to a Friend? Yes
Why? Every flyfisher should experience this kind of fishing at least once in his lifetime.

Name: Rossetti Franco, Italy

The Angling Report

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