Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

May 5 - May 11, 2003


May 5 - 8: Club Nautico Fishing Tournament

The local Guatemalan boat club (Club Nautico) held it´s annual spring tournament featuring local anglers and some from other countries. Held at Guatemala´s newest and best marina, Marina Pez Vela, the anglers fished on 6 boats for 4 days and produced a fantastic 461 sailfish releases!!! That represented a daily boat average of 19 sailfish! Circle hooks were used and anglers hooked up all sailfish without the assistance of mates. Listed below are the boats involved and daily sailfish release totals. Congratulations to the winning boat "Conga"!

Sailfish Totals
BoatMay 5 May 6 May 7 May 8
Conga 25 18 33 19
Sirena 22 23 24 17
Bora Bora 32 10 22 17
Full Circle 28 6 20 16
Tranquility 21 9 20 16
Enterprice 18 13 19 6

Congratulations to Club Nautico, Marina Pez Vela and Dr. Fortuny for producing an outstanding tournament!

May 8
Sailfish Guatemala welcomed William "Scooters" Walters, Ernest "Rusty" Perry and Bryce Miller from Texas. All were interested in targeting sails on the fly. The group was experienced in targeting saltwater flats species on the fly and were drawn to the lure of Guatemalas abundant sailfish population. They didn't have to wait long - within minutes of putting out the lines, a sail ripped into a teaser featuring a hook less ballyhoo and Islander skirt. Rusty was first up and cast his 14 weight just past the charging sail. Spotting the pink and white fly, the sail turned and grabbed it and took off, running out about 400 yards of line. The sail danced, sounded, danced some more and after a 55 minute battle, Rusty had his first ever sail on fly...a beautiful 90 lb sail. Scooter followed with his first ever sail on fly and the first day produced 30 sailfish raises, 13 bites and 5 releases....a great start to the trip!

May 9
Their second day started off a little slower, the sailfish were seen swimming but didnt seem hungry. Boat totals for the day were 11 raises, 5 bites and 3 releases. Still a great day of fly fishing!

May 10
Bryce Miller arrived the evening of the 9th and joined in the action. Bryce was up first and after an hour battle landed his first ever sail on fly, a 100 lb beauty! The sail put on a great show with multiple dances and jumps. This is a big sail to catch on fly! The days numbers continued on the slow side for us (yes, we are spoiled by large number of sails here) with 15 raises, 6 grabbed at the flies and 2 were released.

May 11
The day started quick, right after lines were put in...the sails were aggressive again! The boat raised over 40 sails today , 18 bites, and our guys released a trip high 10! Four days of fishing produced 20 sailfish releases on fly! The group has already rebooked for March 2004.

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