Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

The Angling Report - Jan 2011 Issue


The Angling Report
Jan 2011, Vol. 24, No. 1

We have two new reports on bluewater flyfishing trips to Sailfish Bay Lodge ( Tel. 800-638-7405 in Guatemala. Both anglers booked their trips directly with owner Scott Ruprecht. The first report is from Italian subscriber Franco Rosetti who fished in January 2010 early February. "Our group of four (two per boat) landed 27 sailfish, a 200-pound blue marlin and one striped marlin of 160 pounds, all on the fly. This was my first striped marlin on a fly rod, and I also landed several sailfish, including a 150-pounder says Rosetti. "Every flyfisher should experience this kind of fishing at least once!"

The second report is from subscriber William Ludolph on a trip he took two years ago with seven other experienced anglers. "Scott Ruprecht's operation was among the best we have ever been to," he writes. "We were afraid to tell our wives about the accommodations, food and service lest they think we 'live large' on these trips. The menu was creative, the food delicious, the rooms spacious and spotless, and the thatched-roof bar was great spot to gather.

"All the boats were in great shape. The captains were experienced and far more than just accepting of fly rodders. There was never a hint that we should be using anything but fly rods. Teasers were out on one side only. The deck hands were attentive, proactive and happy to give advice to anyone willing to accept it. As a result, we all caught multiple fish. When one of our group was trolling his fly, a deck hand asked if he wouldn't prefer to pull it in to be ready to cast when the fish came. When he did not, nothing more was said, but it was obvious that they preferred to have the fly cast. Sailfish Bay is a top-drawer fly fishing operation and I recommend it highly."

At press time, Scott Ruprecht told us that his prices vary with the number of anglers and their length of stay. For 2011, his most popular three-fishing-day/four-night packages will cost $2,796 per angler for four anglers fishing from one boat.

The Angling Report

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