Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

May 1 - May 3, 2003


May 1
We welcomed Scott Ruprecht, co-owner of Sailfish Guatemala, Peacock Bass expert Larry Larsen, and client H. Whitney Bailey to Guatemala. The day began quickly with Whitney hooking up a sail using a fly rod. He had two hooked up while fishing in Costa Rica but this was his first sail release on fly!

Larry followed next and hooked his first ever sail using a circle hook. The crew provided hookup instructions and Larry chose a spinning rod for the battle. With a perfect hookup, Larry's sail danced and leaped from start to finish. Great fun on a spinning set up! Scott was up next and always chooses the fly rod. The crew teased in an aggressive sail to casting distance and Scott put the fly right on the money and the sail smashed the pink and white Cam Sigler fly - 20 minutes later Scott had his sail next to the boat for a photo.

Whitney followed with another sail on fly....this 100lb sail was battled for 2 1/2 hours in a fight of wills! Whitney prevailed and landed the sail!

Meanwhile Larry and co-owner Robert of Sailfish Guatemala noticed a sail swimming around in front of the boat. Robert grabbed the spinning rod and tossed the ballyhoo and several minutes later hooked up a sail; 15 minutes later, released the sail off the bow of the boat! It was quite a scene.

Scott added another sail on fly and Larry caught his first sail on fly to end a very productive day.

May 2
Action heated up with the sails being more aggressive. Both days had the bite going in the morning and shutting off around 1 pm. For our day, 5 sails were released on fly and 5 more using the spinning rod. Larry became a believer in the use of circle hooks for bill fishing. It's been proven here in Guatemala the hook up and release rate is higher for circle hooks than J hooks and the fish are not damaged!

May 3
The sailfish were even more aggressive this morning. Many were seen swimming thru the water and free jumping. We recorded 5 released on fly and 3 on spinning before heading in early around noon.

Meanwhile over on "Bora Bora" they released 22 sails on conventional tackle in the morning and then spotted a large group of dolphins - tuna rigs came out and they landed 6 yellow fin tuna, including one weighing over 80lbs! Other charter boats reported similar sail releases and joined the "tuna party". Blue water is in close and the boats were fishing between 13 and 20 miles for the weekend.

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