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Wild on the Fly Shoot - Outdoor Channel


We are excited to be collaborating with The Outdoor Channel's Wild on the Fly TV program at Sailfish Bay in February. We will be targeting sailfish on fly rods for several days. The show will air in March 2011 and we will provide more details to everyone when we have exact dates for the show with Sailfish Bay.

The Saturday morning TV fishing show debuted January 1, 2011 on the Outdoor Channel a stunning 13-episode high-definition series of sensational angling adventures around the world. Every production is un-staged and genuine, a little bit edgy and frequently humorous, and always rich in culture, lore, food, scenery, wildlife, critical conservation and of course, cutting-edge fishing.

"Truly great fishing trips are as much about the travel as the angling," explains Executive Producer Joseph Daniel. "While each of our shows will definitely inspire you with amazing fly fishing, they will also immerse you in everything from culture to cuisine to conservation. Think of Wild on The Fly as a crazy blend of the Outdoor Channel, Food Network and Discovery."

An exciting new episode of Wild On The Fly will air three times each week January through March at 9:00am Thursday, 6:00pm Friday, and 1:30pm Saturday (EST) featuring episodes from Alaska to Argentina, Mexico to Mongolia. The series premiered New Year's Day on the renowned waters of Missoula, Montana, and includes a special segment on the restoration of the Clark Fork River.

Mention in the USA Today travel blog about the show:
Wild on the Fly

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