Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

March 28 - April 18, 2003


Mar 28
We welcomed returning clients Martin Harrison and Bill Smith from Texas to Casa Del Mar for their second visit with us. Action was hot and started early with a morning sailfish bite. Action slowed around midday and then exploded around 1:30 pm and our guys finished with a great day - a total of 29 sailfish released!!

Mar 29
After another great opening day, it only got better. As soon as the lines hit the water, sailfish were hooked up! Several big dorado were also caught and the day never slowed as Martin and Bill landed a fantastic 45 Sailfish!! The day featured countless doubles, triples and the boat recorded a first ever 5 sailfish hooked up at once. Only in Guatemala can this happen, as mates and our clients danced among each other successfully releasing all 5. What an incredible Guatemala day.

Mar 30
Another great day for Bill and Martin. Several more large dorado were caught among their abundant sailfish. Their day ended with 25 sailfish releases, giving them an incredible 99 sailfishreleased in 3 days!!!! "This is our fourth trip here... the last 2 with Sailfish Guatemala. And this was the BEST! We'll be back later this year," said Martin.

Mar 31 - Apr 1
Strong winds, caused by the moonposition, prevented boats from fishing. This is unusual weather for Guatemala at this time of the year...can we blame it on the end of El Nino???

Apr 2
We welcomed for a day trip Steve Forte, son Adam, Clayton Sheets and David Whitaker. Thiswas their first time "sailfishing" and the weather continued to be a bit rough. The hot fishing ofseveral days before all but disappeared with the strong winds and waves. Six sailfish were raised and 3 successfully boated and several nice dorado were added to their catch. The night before they spent at Casa del Mar, enjoyed a dorado and shrimp dinner and despite the rough seas, had a great time. They lookforward to being with us again for a longer visit.

Apr 3 - 9
Fishing continued to be slow after the strong weather appeared. Water color changed and fishing was out farther to 45 miles. Boats were reporting 3-15 sailfish releases per day. There seems to be a lot of bait in the water, at the surface in some places and at a depth of about 100 ft elsewhere. As a result the sails are not coming to the surface as much and when they do, they appear to be non-aggressive. Much looking, not much biting.

Apr 10
We welcomed to Casa del Mar 4 anglers from Florida; David Mankus, Brandon Vilett, Gary Burmeister and Keith Hyatt. All have their own boats in Florida and love to take fishing trips; this was their first trip to Guatemala. The day started off quickly with a double hookup. Fishing was a bit slow by our admittedly spoiled standards but they ended with 6 nice releases.

Apr 11
Another good day for the group; they released 10 sailfish and came across a school ofdorado boating 12! One of their goals was to learn how to hook up sails using circle hooks and the crew showed them how. All of their releases were hooked by them! A great job guys! Fresh dorado for dinner.

Apr 12
Fishing continued to be good and our client shooked and released 11 more sails. Several dorado were added to their catch. "Best trip ever for us, Roberto", said Brandon. "Next time we'll bring 4 more friends!"

Apr 13
We welcomed Bill Horn and son Alex to their first Guatemala fishing trip. Bill, former head of the National Parks here in the States under the Reagan administration, had one goal in mind: catch sailfish on fly! Bill is an avid and accomplished fly fisher. The first day out with us proved to be successful! With some instruction from Robert, Bill nailed one on the fly, the first sail of the day! Weighing about 85 lbs, the sail provided some great leaps and head shaking. Next up was Alex on lightweight spinning gear; taking advantage of the second sail teased in that day, Alex caught his first ever sail , a 100 lb plus on 20 lb test! Shortly after, Alex added a nice 30 lb dorado for the day. After a rather slow time for most of the day, father and son ended the day with a double...Bill hooked up his second on fly, while Alex fought his on spinning! Both were successfully released...what a perfect end to the day!

Apr 14
Bill and Alex started the day the way they left off yesterday - with a double hookup! Bill on fly, Alex on spinning. Bill released 2 more on fly, while Alex caught 6 sails on spinning. Another great day for the father/son team.

Apr 15
This proved to be the best day with Bill releasing 4 on fly while Alex matched Dad with his 4 on spinning.

Apr 16
The morning started off well with Bill getting an early sail on fly and Alex hooked up shortly after. Weather started to get windy and by eleven both had released 2 more sails and then everything just s..t..o..p..p..e..d. Wind was up, waves were up and the sails went d.. o.. w.. n. The other boats reported the same experience as if someone turned off the sailfish switch and no more were to be seen that day. But what a great fishing trip. Bill released a total of 11 sailfish on fly and Adam released 14 on spinning and learned how to hook up sails using circle hooks. The next day they flew to the Mayan City of Tikal and spent 2 days exploring the ruins. Two more very satisfied clients.

We offer instruction for hooking up sailfish on fly. If you need equipment, we have available Stu Apte rods/reels and flies for a $30 per day rental fee. So far this year, 100% of our fly fishing clients have successfully caught sailfish. Our crew is among Guatemala's most experienced in flyfishing.

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