Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

February 2012 - Guatemala Fishing Report


Feb 27 - 29
Ned Arthur, Dennis Hopkins, Robert Cody, and Christopher Pipps arrived for 3 days fishing. On Gypsy they raised 94 sailfish, had 80 bites and released 63 sails conventional.

The Allen Langford party of returned to fish with us for 1 day. On Gypsy they raised 30 sailfish, had 25 bites and released 16 conventional.

Feb 20 - 25
Fishing continues to be outstanding! William, Janice, Connor, Anne, and Page Ryan along with Wells Stewart arrived for 2 days fishing. On Fortuna they raised 43 sailfish, had 41 bites, and released 29 the first day conventional. The 2nd day they had 23 sailfish raises, 12 bites, and released 3 on fly rods.

Andy Pfirstinger, Raimund Gultrath, Walter and Edith Reisinger, Eduard and Gabriele Reiter arrived for 5 days fly fishing. Fishing on Maverick and Piragua they raised 196 sailfish, had 86 bites, and released 46 on fly with one double.

We welcomed Rudolph Hotter and Werner Blasaditsch to Guatemala. In 5 days fishing on Canaso they raised 65 sailfish, had 45 bites, and released 34 conventional. On fly they raised 121 sails, had 48 bites and released 11.

Roland MacKenzie and Jim Forsythe arrived. Fishing on Gypsy they raised 98 sailfish, had 90 bites and released 51 in 3 days.

Feb 16- 20
Geoff Euston, Richard Lightfine, Philip Edison, Chris Dobrez, Greg Paris, Jack O'Brien, Will Euston, and Greg Euston arrived for 3 days of fishing. On Maverick and Piragua they raised 130 sailfish, had 118 bites, released 96 and 1 on fly.

Chuck and Rick Rieger arrived for 3 days of fishing. On Gypsy they raised 67 sailfish, had 58 bites, and released 25 on light tackle and 2 on fly. They also had 1 Marlin sancocho.

Art Beck and his fishing partner arrived for their 3rd trip. Fishing 3 days on Fortuna they raised 63 sailfish, had 52 bites and released 36.

Patrick, Webb, and Crawford Mulligan arrived for 2 days fishing. On Knotwork they raised 31 sailfish, had 27 bites and released 21. They also caught several dorado on their visit.

Feb 13 - 16
Kirk & Krista Courson arrived for their 8th trip with us. Joining them were Matt Sim and Caristella Weale. Fishing on Fortuna they raised 85 sailfish, had 74 bites and released 44 in 4 days on light tackle. The first day they caught something very rare in Guatemala. A Wahoo. Everyone was so excited by the size they actually drove back to the Lodge mid-morning to weigh it. 75 lbs.

Arman Farmanian and Douglas Krohne arrived. Fishing on Gypsy they raised 81 sailfish, had 68 bites and released 43 conventional. They also caught 1 35 lb. dorado.

Ben Rader and Ray Kimberlin arrived for 2 days of fishing. They had 13 bites, released 6 conventional and 2 on fly aboard Canaso.

Feb 9 - 12
Dr Ramirez (Father), Dr Ramirez (Son), Edgar Stokes, Rafael Perez, Jorge Perez, and Luis Chaves arrived for their 3rd trip with us. Fishing 3 days on Maverick & Gypsy they raised 122 sailfish, had 104 bites and released 76.

Rob Pease, Mike Seib, Steven Wilson, Troy and Clinton Beall, and Matt Edelman arrived for 2 days fishing. Fishing on Canaso and Fortuna they raised 80 sailfish, had 59 bites and released 34.

Andy & Pam Lamar, Mac & Lynne Hammond, and Michael & Pamela O'Brien arrived for 3 days fishing. Fishing on Fortuna they raised 47 sailfish, had 32 bites, released 20 conventional and 3 on fly rods. The ladies fished the final day and each got their first ever sailfish.

The Manolo Benfeldt Family arrived for a day's fishing. On Tripleta they raised 17 sailfish, had 14 bites and released 7.

Feb 5 - 7
Fishing has been outstanding the last few days. Skip Patty and his crew arrived for their 4th trip with us. Joining Skip were Chad Young, Scott Masterson and Cindie Robinson. Fishing on Fortuna they raised 129 sailfish and released 66 in 3 days on light tackle!

Sabit Acka from Turkey returned for his 2nd trip. Joining him was his 87 year-old mother, Cahide. Cahide could not be stopped....reeling sailfish after sailfish for 2 days. Fishing on Maverick they raised 35 sailfish and released 25.

Feb 2 - 4
Doug McCuen and Mark Shaw arrived for their 2nd trip. Fishing on Fortuna they raised 30 sailfish and released 21 conventional in 2.5 days of fishing.

Jerry Katz arrived to fly fish for sails. Fishing on Aquardiente he raised 18 sailfish, with 9 bites, releasing 3 sails on fly and 1 marlin.

Bob Klein, Allan Klein, Joe Roche and Tom Smith arrived for their 2nd trip with us. Fishing on Maverick they raised 20 sailfish and released 13 conventional in 2.5 days.

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