Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Nov 2012 - Guatemala Fishing Report


Nov 24 - 26
Luis Cayo returned for his 2nd trip with us. Joining him were Ralph Judd, Mike Martin, and Judd Carlson. In 3 days fishing they raised 29 sailfish, had 24 bites and released 14. They also caught 7 dorado.

Nov 23 - 24
Julio Castaneda raised 8 sailfish, had 8 bites and released 5 on Nov 24 aboard Maverick

Richard Parr returned for the 2nd time in 11 months to fish with us. This time he brought his wife Kristeen, daughter Caroline and son William. In 2 days fishing on Gypsy they raised 22 sailfish, had 17 bites and released 15.

Nov 12 - 18
Mike Callahan arrived again to fish with us in The Presidential Challenge. Mike visits twice a year. Mike has caught 87 marlin so far this year on International expeditions and recently released a grander (1000+ lbs) off Asuncion Island. We tried to chase marlin for a few days (Nov 12,13,14) before he competed with us in The Presidential but was not ideal conditions. Mike did raise 3 sailfish, with 2 bites and 1 release on Nov 15 for a short time when not focused on marlin.

Niels Erichsen, Julio Mansylla, and Mike fished The Presidential Challenge Nov 16 - 18. They raised 14 sailfish, had 13 bites, and released 9 on light tackle on Maverick. They also raised 1 marlin.

Nov 4 - 6
John Davis, William Eldon, James Starkweather, and Roy Van Wyk arrived. They raised 39 sailfish, had 32 bites and released 19 on Knotwork. They also caught 6 dorado.

Nov 1 - 2
Antonio Varcasia, Enrico Ghedini, and Daniele Macis from Italy continued their trip into the first few days of November. In 2 more days they raised 13 sailfish, had 8 bites and released 7 on Maverick. Also, on the last day they raised 4 sails on fly with 0 releases.

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