Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

December 2012


Dec 27 - 30
Fishing has been INSANE the last several days. John Temple and his son John Henry returned for their 2nd trip in the last 6 months. Fishing on Gypsy in 3 days they raised 136 sailfish, had 118 bites and released 94 conventional!

Greg Frimel fishing on Maverick for 3 days raised 111 sailfish, had 104 bites and released 70 on light tackle.

The Erichsen family fished a 1/2 day on Maverick. They raised 19 sailfish, had 16 bites and released 10. For 7 year old Markus he landed his first 3 sailfish. Mia, 5 years old landed her first 2 sailfish. And Mom Geraldine landed her first sailfish.

A local group fishing on Canaso for a 1/2 day raised 15 sailfish, had 12 bites and released 9.

Dec 9 - 18
Jim & Pete Elroy arrived for 3 days fishing. Take a look at this first day! On Gypsy - 43 sailfish raises, 32 bites and 31 releases. After the first day they were a little worn out and even chose some inshore fishing on Day 3. The total numbers were 61 sailfish raises, 48 bites, and 43 releases. They also caught 2 dorado (30+ lbs), 2 yellowfin tuna, and 4 jacks.

The Father/Son Team of Darryl and Tyler Halbert arrived for 2 days fishing. On Maverick, they raised 32 sailfish, had 29 bites and released 22 sailfish conventional. They also caught 2 dorado.

David and Heidi Williams arrived for some fly fishing. In 3 days fly fishing on Maverick they raised 22 sailfish, had 12 bites and released 3 on fly.

Kirk and Krista Courson arrived for their 10th trip with us. Joining them were Clarke and Terrie Swinney. Fishing on Canaso, in 4 days they raised 47 sailfish, had 34 bites, and released 27 on light tackle. They also caught 5 dorado with 3 over 25 lbs.

Dec 3 - 7
David Gregory arrived for his 2nd trip with us. Joining him on this trip was his son Will. Fishing on Gypsy, they raised 30 sailfish, had 18 bites, and released 9 conventional and 2 on fly in 2 days fishing. They also caught 1 300 lb Blue Marlin.

Jim White arrived for his 3rd trip THIS year. Joining Jim this time was Steve Massey. Fishing on Gypsy they raised 19 sailfish, had 14 bites, and released 11. They also caught 10 yellowfin tuna, 2 dorado (1 30+ lbs), and raised 2 Marlin. Had 2 bites on the marlin as well, but we couldn't get them.

Joe and Christy Kern arrived for their 3rd trip. Fly fishing on Maverick, Joe raised 16 sailfish, had 8 bites and released 1 sail on fly and 3 yellowfin on fly. They raised 1 Blue marlin.

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