Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Jan 2013 - Guatemala Fishing Report


Jan 22 - 31
Murat Iyriboz arrived from Turkey for the 2nd straight year. Joining Murat was Gokhan Carmikli, Bora Tekin, Elvio Penetti, Deniz Ertan, Sezin Salman, Tolga Aydinol, and Turun Mutlu. In 5 days fishing on Maverick & Gypsy they raised 201 sailfish, had 161 bites and released 108.

Gary Smith arrived for his second trip with us along with Tom Davey. Fishing for 2 days on Piragua, they raised 40 sailfish, had 37 bites and released 17.

Chris & Steve Erwin arrived for 3 days fishing on Canaso 2. They raised 37 sailfish, had 23 bites and released 11.

Craig Hopkins, Rob Philbrick, David Rytand, Robert Sullivan, Tom Captain, Jerald Zavalney, David Rice and Bob Blethen arrived for 2 days fishing on Maverick & Gypsy. They raised 31 sailfish, had 24 bites and released 16 sailfish.

Erick Paiz and his group arrived for 1 day fishing on Sirena. They raised 4 sailfish, had 3 bites and released 2. They also caught 1 350 lb. Blue marlin.

Rod & Matthew McClarren arrived for 5 days fishing on Piragua. They raised 26 sailfish, had 21 bites and released 17 in 4 days offshore. They also fished 1 day inshore and caught 2 Roosterfish and 2 Mackerel.

Alger Stoneburner, Bill Boesch, and Jeffrey Ollinger arrived for 2 days fishing on Sirena. They raised 7 sailfish, had 6 bites and released 5.

Jan 19 - 21
David Meaney, Bill Meaney, Jonathan Meaney, and Michael Marchand returned for their 2nd trip with us. Joining them were David and Josh Hermes, Aaron McDowell, Jeff Jackson, Paul McCue, Dean, David and Chris Caldwell, Brian Carter, Alex Marchand, Ryan Roark, Jason and Tommy Smith, Jim Rawls and Taylor Conway.

Fishing on Gypsy, Maverick & Knotwork for 3 days and Sirena and Canaso for 2 days they raised 195 sailfish, had 167 bites and released 116.

Jan 12 - 16
Chuck Richesin arrived for the second time. Joining him were Tom Jones, Lifford Luthringer, Ernesto Luchega, Lloyd Chambliss and Hal Hubbard. In 3 days fishing on Gypsy and Piragua they raised 179 sailfish, had 153 bites and released 105!

Dr. Jose Grau, Dr. Luis Rodriguez, and Dr Jose Gonzalez, Sr. and Dr Jose Gonzalez, Jr. arrived for their 5th trip with us. Fishing on Canaso they raised 143 sailfish, had 122 bites and released 68 in 4 days fishing.

Patrick, Crawford and Webb Mulligan arrived for 3 days fishing for the 2nd year in a row. Fishing on Knotwork they raised 89 sailfish, had 75 bites and released 44.

Lee Smith arrived and is doing awesome on fly. In 6 days fishing on Maverick he raised 111 sailfish, had 43 bites and released 27 on fly.

Jan 7 - 11
Vladimir from Russia continues to do well on fly. After 6 days he has raised 87 sailfish on Maverick, had 44 bites and released 22 on fly. And yesterday, he spent most of the day looking for Marlin. One sailfish we estimate at 150 lbs on fly!

Martin & Richard Olsen arrived for the 2nd year in a row. Fishing on Canaso in 4 days so far they have raised 98 sailfish, had 71 bites and released 43.

Jan 4 - 6
Capt Dave Riback, Charles Riback, Rich Lindner, Bob Lindner, Rob Lindner, David Rosenblatt, Ethan Rosenblatt, Ben Jones, Dolly Harris, Andrew Wicker, Andrew Sochacki, Laszlo Csizmadia, Paul Hart, Rick Case, Greg Robertson, and Eric Olsen arrived for 3 days fishing. On Day 1, fishing on Gypsy, Canaso, Piragua and Spindrift they raised 135 sailfish, had 115 bites and released 84! On Day 2 & 3, fishing light spinning tackle they raised 215 sailfish, had 173 bites and released 111. Total numbers for the trip: 350 sailfish raises, 288 bites, and 195 releases.

Jeff, Cecelia, Steven, Daniel, Jennifer and Joseph Jensen arrived for 2 days fishing. On Knotwork, they raised 66 sailfish, had 55 bites and released 36.

Vladmir Voronkov arrived for his 3rd trip in the last year from Russia. Fly fishing only, in 3 days so far Vladmir raised 63 sailfish, had 27 bites and released 13 on fly on Maverick.

Jan 2 - 3
The Caicedo family from Columbia raised 44 sailfish, had 39 bites and released 29 sailfish on one day fishing aboard Gypsy.

In a half day the Caciedo kids on their first time out raised 10 sailfish, had 9 bites and released 5.

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