Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

February 28 - March 10, 2003


Feb 28 - Mar 5
Fishing continued to be excellent with boats reporting sailfish releases from 18 to 31 per day. "Full Circle" had 31 releases on March 31 and Sirena recorded 28. Blue water began to move more offshore and we were fishing out at 22-25 miles. Water conditions are smooth and weather is excellent.

Mar 6
We welcomed Dr. Rick Stigliano and Don Duran from Pennslyvania and Ohio. Longtime friends, they decided to try fly fishing in Guatemala . Their first day out they were not disappointed! Sails were plentiful but a bit shy of the flies, prefering bait but they both released several sails on fly and Rick nailed a big dorado on fly. The dorado measured about 40 lbs; our head mate Noe teased him up and Rick cast right out in front of the dorado and the battle was on. Spectacular jumps and about 25 minutes later, Rick brought him in.

Mar 7
Sails were again plentiful for Rick and Don but still somewhat shy of the flies. But they recorded a first for our clients when they hooked up 2 sails on fly at the same time! Difficult to do and rare, both successfully brought them to the boat for releases!. They also released several other sails in another exciting day in Guatemala.

Mar 8
The last day for Rick and Don aboard Maverick brought another exciting day of fly fishing. Both released several sails and our boat raised over 30 sails. The sails were again picky for the fly but action was steady all day. Since returning to the States, both are making plans to return next year and Don called this his best fishing trip ever.

Mar 9
We welcomed four new clients hailing from Texas and Louisiana for their first ever trip to Guatemala. Fishing aboard Maverick, their excitement was quickly reached. Fishing out at 34 miles, within minutes of putting out lines, we had 2 sailfish up. James Johnson started the action with the first release of the day. Shortly after, JC White added another. In the afternoon our captain Lan spotted a large group of spinner dolphins sevral miles out jumping. We headed out to see what we could find and within minutes of putting out a tuna lure, we had our first of 2 30 lb yellowfin tuna. Trolling fast for more tuna, we were interrupted twice by double sails hitting our outrigger teasers and we ended up releasing 4 quickly. The day ended with 20 sails, 2 dorado and 2 yellowfins.

Mar 10
Fishing continued to be excellent and fishing out a little further, we again had steady hits all day. The tuna caught the day before was served for lunch aboard Maverick and after releasing 16 sails, Corey Knowlton decided to try a little fly fishing. With a little instruction from our crew, Corey nailed the first sail up on fly! Fishing with almost no fly fishing experience he is now excited to try some more on his next trip.

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