Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

February 2013


Feb 18 - 27
Roland MacKenzie and Jim Forsythe returned for the 2nd year in a row. Also, joining them were Steve Weaver and Robert Tollefson. Fishing on Gypsy and Canaso for 3 days they raised 98 sailfish, had 83 bites and released 51.

Art Halbrook arrived again to Pacific Fins and this time he was joined by Guy Brown. Fishing on Maverick for 3 days they raised 54 sailfish, had 39 bites an released 27.

John Sher returned for the 2nd time in 6 months. Joining John were John Sher were Bob Mirabito, Kevin White and Richard McFarland. Fishing 1 day on Sirena they raised 14 sailfish, had 12 bites and released 8.

Christopher, Katharine, Thomas, George and Laura Wills arrived from The UK. Fishing on Knotwork for 3 days they raised 60 sailfish, had 49 bites and released 42.

Steve Riley fished on Gypsy for 1 day and raised 13 sailfish, had 12 bites and released 9.

Joe Turano returned for the 5th time. Joining Joe was fly angler Meredith McCord. Fishing on Maverick for 3 days they raised 29 sailfish, had 17 bites and released 5 on fly. They also caught 1 dorado on fly.

Ken Berry, David Nicklies, Bradford Ray, Andrew Goodrich, Dave Miller and Henry Camp arrived again to Guatemala. Fishing on Sirena and Canaso for 3 days fishing they raised 91 sailfish, had 73 bites and released 58. They also caught 2 dorado.

Feb 11 - 17
Tom Tomfohdre arrived again to fish with us for the 11th time. We had 4 sets of Father/Sons on this trip. Joining Tom were his son Rick, Jim and Dan Delligatti, Merry and David Harlacher, John Sr and John Jr Nowacek, and Don Springer. Fishing 4 days on Maverick, Gypsy and Canaso 2 the group raised 152 sailfish, had 132 bites and released 101.

Dr Phil Hansen arrived for his 4th trip. Joining him were Brian Fant, Frank & Sam Sheeder, Bob Hefner and Tom Lamberth. Fishing 2 days on Maverick & Gypsy they raised 34 sailfish, had 28 bites and released 22.

Art Beck returned again bringing his 2 sons, Russell & Scott. Fishing on Knotwork for 3 days they raised 37 sailfish, had 30 bites and released 16.

In a corporate event with Banco Industrial for a 1/2 day fishing on Feb 15 we had 10 boats raise 47 sailfish, with 39 bites and released 22 sailfish. In addition, the group also caught 28 dorado.

Dwight & Billy Cook fished 1 day on Piragua raising 12 sailfish, had 10 bites and releasing 8. They also had 1 Marlin bite.

Feb 7 - 10
Dr Alberto Ramirez II, Dr Alberto Ramirez III, Edgar Stokes, Rafael 1, Rafael II, Jorge Perez and Luis Chavez returned for the 5th consecutive year. Fishing on Gypsy and Canaso they raised 40 sailfish, had 33 bites and released 22. They also raised 1 marlin and caught 7 dorado.

George Hnat returned with his group. Also, joining George were Kevin McClean, Andrew McCoy, and Archie Tantlinger. Fishing on Sirena for 3 days they raised 22 sailfish, had 19 bites and released 13.

Barry Jones returned to fish with us. Joining Barry were his wife Kay, Roy & Crystal Syren and Guy Turner. Fishing on Maverick & Piragua they raised 17 sailfish, had 12 bites and released 8 conventional and 1 on fly. They also raised 1 Marlin and caught 3 dorado.

Feb 1 - 6
David & Michael Martin returned for the 5th year in a row. Also joining them was Ron Woodruff. Fishing 2 days on Maverick, they raised 36 sailfish, had 33 bites and released 24. They also released 1 Striped marlin!

Gary Reichart, Rick Jarrett, and Tony Bailey arrived for 4 days fishing. They raised 42 sailfish, had 39 bites and released 28. The first day they released 4 sails at the same time (a Quad)!

Johnny & Stacey Powers arrived for their yearly trip with us. Fishing on Gypsy for 5 days they raised 70 sailfish, had 55 bites and released 36. They also raised 1 Blue marlin.

Bill & Shelley Parsons and Bill & Stephanie Meadows arrived for 1 day fishing on Canaso. They raised 32 sailfish, had 19 bites and released 14.

Michael and Kristy Pinion arrived for 1 day fishing on Gypsy. They raised 11 sailfish, had 9 bites and released 3.

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