Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

April 2013


April 15 - 21
Greg and Linda Maxon arrived for 4 days of fishing on Maverick. They raised 96 sailfish, had 82 bites and released 57.

Xavier Autry and Odin Martinez arrived for 2 days fishing. On Gypsy they raised 28 sailfish, had 26 bites and released 15.

Keith Hopkins, John Wiley, James Enochs and Bill Geary arrived for 2 days fishing. On Sirena they raised 65 sailfish, had 55 bites and released 41.

The Director of INGUAT joined us for 1 day fishing on Sirena and raised 8 sailfish, had 6 bites and released 5.

Jeff & Bobbi Clarke and Rory & Vickie Barbot arrived for 3 days fishing on Maverick. They raised 22 sailfish, had 20 bites and released 16.

The guys from Chiquita Banana arrived for a 1/2 day fishing on Sirena. They raised 6 sailfish, had 6 bites and released 5. They also caught 5 yellowfin tuna.

April 1 - 14
Vladmir Voronkov from Russia returned for the 3rd time in the last year! Fly Fishing on Maverick for 5 days he raised 48 sailfish, had 21 bites and released 13 on fly. He also caught 1 250 lb Blue marlin on fly!

The guys from Universal Leaf have made several visits to fish with us. Fishing on Sirena for 1 day they raised 17 sailfish, had 15 bites and released 12. They also caught 1 200 lb Striped marlin and 1 35 lb. dorado!

Peter, David, Matthew and Daniel Aschaffenburg returned again to fish with us. On Maverick in 3 days they raised 62 sailfish, had 54 bites and released 41.

Dan Erb and Barbara Wolfe returned once again to fish with us. Fishing on Gypsy for 3 days they raised 84 sailfish, had 71 bites and released 46.

The Sezai group fished on Gypsy for 1 day raising 2 sailfish, with 2 bites and 2 releases. They also caught 1 30 lb dorado.

Robert Gearou, Thomas Gearou, Daniel Hales, Tim Hales, Charles Hales and Jeff Dahlquist arrived for 3 days fishing. Fishing on Gypsy and Canaso 2 they raised 99 sailfish, had 79 bites and released 50.

The Canadian Ambassador fished with us for a 1/2 day. On Sirena they raised 7, had 5 bites and released 5.

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