Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

February 21 - February 28, 2003


Feb 21
The Eason's and Clement's continued with great fishing! They released 21 sailfish for a 3 day total of 61 sails! Last year the Eason's met the Clements' in Costa Rica and invited them to try Guatemala with them this year. Jimmie and Dana Clements caught a disappointing 4 sailfish in 3 days last year at this time in Costa Rica. "We had 4 sailfish in the first half hour on the first day in Guatemala" exclaimed Dana. They told us they would be returning next April.

We also welcomed Lee and Charlotte Knowles from Florida for their first trip to Guatemala. Fishing aboard "Enterprice", they released a first day total of 19 sailfish! "We really caught 15 more sailfish than we wanted to", remarked Charlotte laughing. This place is amazing and we love the house, Casa del Mar!"

Feb 22
Fishing continued to be excellent with the Knowles releasing 21 sailfish. Robert went out with the Eason and Clement party to watch the fun and teach them fly fishing for sails. In the morning they caught 9 sails and switched to fly fishing. First time for both Larry and Jimmie. The sails were up but seemed to prefer bait to the fly lines. We had several bites but it was tough. Finally Jimmie landed one, his first sail on fly! "Never thought it would happen. What a great ending to a great trip!", said Jimmie.

Feb 23
Robert joined the Knowles on their last day of fishing. Lee expressed interest in catching some sails on fly after talking to Larry and Jimmie. In the morning fishing was a bit slower for everyone. We released 9 including a triple and then switched to fly. Action heated up for all boats in the afternoon! Working with Robert, Lee nailed his first sail on fly after missing the first 2 bites. That got him more excited to try and catch some more and by the end of the day, Lee on his first ever attempt on fly caught 4, including finishing with one that fought for over an hour and included several spectacular jumps! Another great finish for our clients!

Feb 24
We welcomed our next group, two brothers, Howard and Bortie Twiford. Hailing from Maryland, they were psyched after hearing how good the fishing has been. On their first day fishing in Guatemala, they released 36 sailfish!!

Feb 25
The Twiford's fishing experience continued with 24 sailfish releases. Just another day in Guatemala!

Feb 26
On their last day of fishing, action slowed down a bit for everyone but they ended the day with 15 releases for a total of 75 sailfish released in 3 days!!! Another happy and amazed client and we're looking forward to their return trip next year at our house "Casa del Mar".

Feb 27 - Mar 3
Harrison group needed to reschedule to March 27 - 31. We will enjoy having them back for their 2nd trip with us.

Please switch to circle hooks if you're not using them while billfishing. The hook up rate will be higher and you won't hurt the billfish!

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