Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

February 13 - February 19, 2003


Feb 14
Friends on "Full Circle" released 30 sailfish! Blue water has moved into 15 miles from shore and sails are jumping everywhere and slamming both bait and teasers. The other boat out, "Enterprice" recorded 27 sailfish releases for the day!

Feb 15
We welcomed clients Tom Cook and Tom Tully from Cincinnati aboard "Full Circle " while our boat "Maverick" is having some work done. While Cincinnati was in the grips of an ice storm, here in Guatemala it is HOT!! Once Tom Cook fished in Hawaii for 2 days and caught a couple of fish and fished in Mexico one day and caught nothing. Friend Tom Tully is bluewater fishing for the first time. Neither were prepared for the incredible fishing we're having right now.... On their first day they released an incredible 42 sailfish!!. On three occasions four sailfish were hooked up at once! "An unbelievable experience" said both Tom's. "We heard about the numbers here but never believed it could be this good...amazing!"

Feb 16
Fishing continued red hot, and this day both Tom's released an incredible 53 sailfish!!!! This is a record for "Full Circle" for most sailfish released in one day and a record for Sailfish Guatemala clients in one day, breaking the previous record of two clients releasing 43 in one day. "Enterprice" fishing with four clients released 49! Only in Guatemala could anyone catch these numbers!!! Lets hope this continues as we welcome three groups this week!

Fishing remains Guatemala Famous and incredible. Fishing out at 20-25 miles, the boats are reporting seeing hundreds of sailfish!

Feb 18
Our clients Larry and Patti Eason and Jimmy and Dana Clements released 41 sailfish including one 120lb sail on fly yesterday! On "Enterprice" they recorded 49 releases yesterday. The day before the numbers were a little lower, "only" 28-32 sailfish released! Yesterday IGFA history was made when "Capt Hook" broke the world record for most sailfish released on one boat in one unbelievable 83 sailfish!!

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