Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

March 2014 - Guatemala Fishing Report


24 - 31

Larry Gury, Ralph Schulz and Mark Koller arrived for the 2nd year in a row. Fishing on Sirena for 3 days they raised 44 sailfish, had 38 bites and released 31.

Tom, Ed and Marion Francis arrived for 3 days fishing. Marion wanted to celebrate his 70th birthday catching sails and his two sons treated him to a great adventure. Fishing on Maverick they raised 33 sailfish, had 22 bites, released 4 sails conventional and 9 on fly! They also caught 6 yellowfin tuna and 2 dorado.

One of our local congressman fished with us March 29th on Danmark and caught a 350 lb Blue marlin and 10 yellowfin tuna!

A group of local clients fishing on Maverick March 26 raised 11 sailfish, had 11 bites and released 8.

Johnny and Stacey Powers visited again to fish with us. On Gypsy in 3 days fishing they raised 23 sailfish, had 21 bites, released 15 sailfish, 12 yellowfin tuna and 2 dorado.

A group of local clients fished Aguardiente on March 28th for a 1/2 day and raised 4 sailfish, had 4 bites and released 2.

The Perry Dye Family fished on Gypsy March 28 and caught 14 yellowfin tuna.

A couple from Russia visiting Guatemala stopped by the Resort and we had an opening on March 27th on Gypsy between groups. They raised 4 sailfish, had 3 bites, released 2 sailfish and 2 dorado.

14 - 23

Patrick, John, Pat and Andrew Silvernail arrived for 3 days fishing. On Sirena they raised 58 sailfish, had 42 bites, released 15 conventional and 11 on fly!

Don Phillips and Steve Guenther arrived for 5 days fishing on Gypsy. They raised 91 sailfish, had 69 bites and released 49. They also caught 4 dorado.

Rudi Dueck, Wiens Andreas, Dyck Nikolaus, Luft Wassili, Duck Eduard, Fedeiau Ianssa, Uettiev Rudolf, Richert Waldemar, Ebert Waldemar, Thiessen Wilhelm, Kuhn Waldemar, Neufeld Eduard, Duck Mana, Pries Viktor, Dimmel Eugen, Hertel Mano, Beiker Viktor, and Ulassen Waldemar from Germany returned for the 2nd time to fish with us.

In 2 days fishing on Knotwork, Tranquility, Danmark and Sirena they raised 105 sailfish, had 78 bites and released 56. They also caught several dorado.

11 - 13

The Rhodes group of 16 returned for the 6th time. Carl Rhodes, Jay Murray, Steve Palmer, Graham Pereira, Jimmy Rhodes, Bill Easler, Aubrey Rhodes, Bob May, Zane Christopher, Raymond Knotts, Richard Marshall, Tony Farrel, Scott Rhodes, Ryan McArdle, Brian Rhodes and Nick Gladd. Fishing on Maverick, Gypsy and Piragua for 3 days and Sirena for 2 days - they raised 204 sailfish, had 180 bites and released 134 conventional and 2 on fly. They also caught several dorado.

6 - 9

Fishing is RED Hot!

Bill Buckley II and Bill Buckley III arrived for the 3rd year in a row. Fishing 3 days on Maverick they raised 87 sailfish, had 83 bites and released 59.

Niels Erichsen and son Ian fished Club Nautico's V-VI tournament on March 7 and 8 on Danmark. They raised 79 sailfish, had 70 bites and released 41. All in all 19 boats in the Tournament, 57 anglers averaged 25 bites per boat on Day 1 averaging 25 bites per boat and 40 bites on Day 2 with several above the 50 bite mark!

Michael Roche & Jeff Brown arrived for 1 day fishing on Canaso II. They raised 45 sailfish, had 25 bites and released 10 conventional and 1 on fly.

James Zlomke arrived for 3 days fishing on Gypsy. After Day 1 and Day 2 he raised 54 sailfish, had 27 bites, released 12 conventional and 2 on fly.

1 - 5

Ralph Dupps, Kirk Dupps, Brian Carmines, Jay Ertel, Joe Tucker, Perry, Kit, and Ben Ozburn, Chipper Farley, Mike Pierson, Andrew Dupps, Berry Edwards, Harold Wyatt, Brian Carmines Jr., Peter, Walker and Callum Parrott arrived to Guatemala.

Fishing 3 days on Maverick, Gypsy, Sirena, Canaso II and 2 days on Piragua they raised 216 sailfish, had 172 bites and released 103. They also raised 2 marlin and released 1 400 lb Blue!

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