Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

January 26 - February 11, 2003


Jan 26
We welcomed Rob Richardson and his friends aboard "Maverick" and Gregg Pavallon aboard "Full Circle" . Action aboard Maverick was a bit slow with 1 sailfish release but they caught several nice large bull dorados over 25 lbs. Meanwhile Greg and his friends on Full Circle landed 8 sails and also caught several large dorados too. Several days before, Guatemala had a 5.6 earthquake offshore and it seemed to move the sails to deeper water.

Jan 27
Action heated up for the Richardson group, sails started coming up to hit the ballyhoo and they released 9. Four more large dorado were caught and our mates cooked fresh dorado for lunch! Onboard "Maverick" our clients are treated to a hot lunch with our Coleman stove. We feature fresh dorado, chicken breasts and hamburgers!

Jan 28
The Richardson group ended their stay with us by releasing 17 sails! Action was good all day and several doubles were recorded.

Jan 29
We welcomed Gary Edwards and Ed McClure to our house "Casa del Mar" and aboard "Maverick" they released 12 sails and landed several large dorado. We cooked their fresh dorado on our grill for dinner. We feature fresh seafood at our house and always serve the fresh catch, jumbo shrimp, lobster or snapper. Clients rave about our cooking! and we offer a selection of rum, vodka, whiskey, scotch, wine and beer for our clients. All is included in our all inclusive package.

Jan 30
Great fishing continued aboard Maverick for Gary and Ed with 11 sailfish releases and more large dorado. We handed Gary a spinning rod for the sails and that proved to be his favorite. Catching a 100lb sail on a spining rod is a blast! Aboard "Full Circle" we had Mike Cucchiara and friend Bill Schultz gunning for sails on fly. They had 10 bites and landed 3!

Jan 31
We said goodbye to Gary and Ed and welcomed Mike and Bill aboard "Maverick". Early on we found a log and they recorded a first for Maverick....two dorado on fly at the same time! Mike hooked up a 35 lb dorado first when our mates teased it in with a ballyhoo and then Mike nailed another our mate Noe had teased up. Two 35lb dorado on fly at the same time! Guesss what we made for lunch?...... They ended the day releasing 2 sails on fly along with the double dorado hook up!

Feb 1
Mike and Bill ended their trip with us by nailing another 2 sails on fly. Action was slow for all the boats and at 3pm, Mike got his sail. But they were happy and look forward to returning again, this was Mike's second trip in the last 2 months and he's ready for another! If you want to catch sails on fly, Guatemala gives you the best chance and our crew is one of the best. Our captain Lan, was head mate for the first 2 world records set here in Guatemala for most sails released on fly in one day, 15 and 22. Aboard "Maverick" we have 5 fly rods and reels....we are ready and will be happy to teach fly fishing to all of our clients!

Feb 3
We welcomed Bob Carroll, Kim Stuart, Ken Gereghina and Tom Tews aboard "Maverick". Action started fast ,on the way out we spotted a log and put several lines in for dorado. Two 30lb doardo hit the lines and lunch was caught! When we left the log and put in all the lines, sailfish hit quick and in the morning the guys landed 7. All wanted to hook up their own fish and our crew taught them the method for circle hooks. Unlike j hooks, circle hooks work by letting the fish swallow the bait and free spooling for about 4 seconds. Then hit strike and keeping the rod low, start reeling in. Guatemala has proved to the fishing world that circle hooks have a higher hook up ratio than j hooks. Using circle hooks prevent internal damge to the sails because they work by hooking in the mouth.

Action slowed a bit at midday and we pulled out our secret weapon to attract sailfish. I hesitate to reveal our secret .... but hey we want everyone to suceed!....ok here it is, proven and by Madonna! We put a Madonna CD on and by the second song sails were hitting the lines!! It works everytime.... Our guys ended the day with 11 sails and 4 large doardo. Another boat, "Gypsy", released 9 sails out of 16 bites. Nice fishing.

Feb 4
Great action again aboard "Maverick", our guys released 14 sails and kept 5 large dorado. About 10:30 am, they requested a Madonna CD and into the third song released a double! Laugh.... but it works! (Sailfish also seem to like Santana!)

Feb 5
On the final day, we left the Marina a little earlier and it paid off. For the second day we were top boat in Guatemala releasing 23 sails!! And remember, these guys hooked all their fish without the help of the mates. Very impressive! Bob and Tim have been on fishing trips for over 20 years and both voted this their best trip ever! "Loved the house, loved the food, loved the boat and crew. "We'll be back!!"

Feb 10
After a few days deserved rest, our crew welcomed Bud Doty, Carl Adams, Hal Clements and Reggie Vachon. Their goal.... sailfish on fly! Action was great, sailfish were everywhere and Adam began the day with a nice 90lb sail on fly. The day ended with 5 sails released on fly and several on spinning rods. Reggie nailed a 120lb sail on fly, fighting it for an hour and 10 minutes! That is a BIG sail on fly! Congratulations Reggie for the largest sail caught aboard "Maverick" on fly!

Feb 11
Our group split up, with Hal and Reggie aboard Maverick and Bud and Adam fishing with Full Circle. Unlike the day before, seas were rough in the morning (we blame the moon!) but Bud and Adam went 4 for 4 on fly!! Water was pouring over the boat and mates helped steady them but 100% on fly is excellent! They decided to come in early and head for some rest. Meanwhile aboard Maverick, Hal and Reggie waited out the early morning rough seas and released a fantastic 7 sailfish on fly and added 5 on a small spinning rod! Carl and Adam belong to a fly fishing club and plans to bring the club next year are being made right now.

If you haven't fished Guatemala yet, you haven't seen sailfish! Guatemala holds the world record for most sails released by a boat in one day, 75 and recently continued breaking the world record for sailfish released on fly in one now stands at 24!

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