Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Fall 2014


NOVEMBER is Big Time

November continues to impress each year.

Averages for the month (Nov 2014):

Conventional/Light Tackle:
Raises: 23
Bites: 19
Releases: 16

FLY Fishing:
Raises: 19
Bites: 11
Releases: 5!

We hope you will consider making our resort part of your plans for the upcoming year. We'd love to have ya!

Capt Jim Toabe returned for the 12th time. This trip was to celebrate his 90th Birthday at Pacific Fins with his family. He was joined by Bob Toabe, Sam Toabe, John Cole, Tom Gill and Kevin Kernan. Fishing on Gypsy and Danmark for 3 days his group raised 129 sailfish, had 115 bites and released 94!

Mike Love, Michael Love, Jr, Conrad Love and Lynn Narramore arrived for 3 days fishing. On Sirena where they raised 94 sailfish, had 81 bites and released 69!

Steve Collis and his group of fly fishers returned for the 4th time and SLAMMED them on FLY. Also, joining Steve were Alastair Jones, Nick and Tim Lee. Fishing on Gypsy and Canaso 2 for 5 days they raised 187 sailfish, had 108 bites and released 50 ON FLY!

Nigel Sowerby arrived for the 2nd time with his wife Helen. Fishing 5 days on Maverick he raised 106 sails, had 80 bites and released 56.

Scott, Graham and Will arrived for 3rd time. Fishing on Maverick for 2 days they raised 8 sailfish, had 7 bites and released 5. They also caught plenty of dorado and had a triple yellowfin tuna release.

Guatemala Fishery Breaks Record and Delivers Again!!!

The Presidential Challenge of Guatemala (Nov 7,8,9) breaks records. 845 SAILFISH AND 4 BLUE MARLIN RELEASED BY 12 BOATS IN 3 DAYS! Average of 24 sailfish released per boat/per day.

Congrats to Tournament winner Team Picaflor with 10,400, Tournament Coordinator Joan Vernon and all who made the tournament a raging success.

Local boats training for the ILTTA in December over the weekend also averaged similar numbers.

John Davis and Roy Van Wyk returned for the 4th time in 2 years to kick off our winter season. Also joining them were Al Penson and Jim Bledsoe. Fishing 2 days on Knotwork they raised 17 sailfish, had 13 bites and released 10. They also caught 8 dorado. But the big deal was raising 4 marlin, with 3 bites and releasing 2 BLUES!

Grandfather/Grandson Team of Tony Wilson and George Kalkounis arrived for 3 days fishing with us. They raised 45 sailfish, had 41 bites and released 30. They had several doubles and a triple. George released 2 of the sails on that triple! They also raised 1 marlin and caught a boatload of dorado.

Roy Stace and Paul Bowling arrived from The United Kingdom. In 4 days fishing they raised 18 sailfish, had 16 bites and released 14. They also caught 1 250 lb Blue marlin, yellowfin tuna and dorado. They gave us this compliment: "Best mates we have fished with anywhere in the world."

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