Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

May 1 - 31, 2005


May 1
Sunderland group continued....

May 1
Gypsy released 3 sailfish on fly.
Maverick released 3 sailfish on fly.
Stragos released 4 sailfish on fly.

May 2
Charles Safieh group of 5 came out to the coast for a day's fishing. Aboard Gypsy they released 3 sailfish and a few dorado.

May 4
We welcomed 8 visitors from an International Textile convention here in Guatemala. Rough weather offshore forced them to stay in close but what a great day they had. Aboard Maverick they released 11 rooster fish and on Gypsy 9 sailfish. In addition they caught many large mackerel, dorado, and small tuna.

May 7 - 8

Shane Carr, Mark Murphy, and Joel Holloway arrived for their first visit to Sailfish Bay Lodge.

May 7 Maverick released 9 sailfish conventional
May 8 Maverick released 7 sails on conventional and 6 on fly.

Also on May 7 Robert and Tony went inshore fishing for a few hours and Robert caught his first ever rooster fish, a 35 lb + 2 others. Tony caught a 40 lb wahoo and a 20 lb rooster. Then Robert switched to fly and hooked up 2 out of 3 bites and released a 12 lb rooster.

May 13 - 14

Jim Gallo and John Ruml arrived for 2 days fishing.

May 13 Gypsy released 14 sailfish conventional
May 14 released 7 sails conventional and then John switched to fly and caught his first sail on fly. Neither client had ever been sailfishing before.

May 28 - 29

Don and Steve Butts joined us at Sailfish Bay for 2 days sailfishing.

May 28 Gypsy was 0 for 4 on fly for sailfish. Several dorado caught.

May 29 Don and Steve were 1 for 4 on fly releasing a 120 lb sailfish. Several dorado were caught by them as well today.

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