Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Travel Channel Selects Guatemala as "Best Under The Radar" Destination for 2015!


Best Under-the-Radar Destination: Guatemala

From the article: "While other Latin America countries have been more on the radar for travelers - especially Mexico and Costa Rica - Guatemala hasn't received the tourism spotlight it deserves. With 33 volcanoes, a World Heritage Site in the city of Antigua, Mayan ruins, and the mystical volcano-ringed Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is brimming with intriguing history, colonial grandeur and outdoor adventures that will keep every type of traveler intrigued. Take in the breath-taking beauty of Guatemala at Casa Palopo, a boutique hotel with panoramic views of Lake Atitlan and 3 majestic volcanoes across the shore."

You can read the rest of article from The Travel Channel right below:

Best for 2015

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