Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Summer 2005


June 5 - 7
Steve Hovde and his son joined us for 3 days and their first visit to Sailfish Bay.

June 5 Maverick released 5 sailfish for 9 bites.
June 6 Maverick released 11 sailfish for 16 bites.
June 7 Maverick released 9 sailfish for 13 bites.

June 12 - 14
Line Bouthillette, Joe Codd, and Kevin Mechling from Frontiers arrived out on the coast.

June 12 Fishing aboard Gypsy the group had 3 for 4 sailfish on conventional gear and 2 for 7 sailfish releases on fly. Line released her first sail ever on fly at Sailfish Bay!

June 13 The John O'Donal family joined us for the 3rd time for a short day trip and had 3 sailfish releases and one blue marlin bite.

June 14 Fishing aboard Maverick Frontiers had 2 for 2 sailfish releases on conventional gear and 3 for 7 sailfish releases on fly. This time Kevin Mechling released his first sail ever on fly at SBL.

July 9
The Chris Calloway family had 7 sailfish releases and 1 blue marlin bite aboard Gypsy.

July 15 & 16
The Scott Livingston group joined us at Sailfish Bay for 2 days fishing.

July 15 The group released 8 dorado.

July 16 Water was blue at 12 miles and we found fish at 15 miles. It was a bit rough due to wind effects of Hurricane Emily. The was has also been a little cool at 79 degrees (normal is 83-85).

The Guatemala Tourism Department asked us to host a film team from National Geographic on Saturday. They are in Guatemala filming a television show and were interested in sportfishing. We brought Santiago and Alexandra from Columbia aboard Maverick and along with host Robert Fallon. We shadowed our clients fishing aboard Gypsy and they were able to film 2 of our clients sailfish catches. Santiago had never caught a fish before so we put out lines on Maverick and his first catch was a 10 lb. dorado, then he caught his first ever sailfish. Congratulations to Santiago!

The Livingstons released 4 sailfish.

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