Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

November 2005


Sailfishing has been outstanding the past 10 days reminding us that Guatemala truly is the “Sailfish Capital of the World”.

Sailfish Bay Lodge has been fishing steadily for the past month and have watched daily the currents bringing in clearer water from the SE.

Clear blue water is in as close as 5 miles and the current has brought in large amounts of bait and hordes of sailfish. We have raised as many as 55 sailfish in one day and our clients have been recording releases up to 36 sails on conventional gear and others releasing 5 or more on fly. Dorado are also present and inshore opportunities offer shots at roosterfish and jack crevalle.

The rainy season has ended at the coast and air temperatures have risen slightly as we enter "summer" in Guatemala.

Nov 4
Bob Mauldin from B&B released 2 sailfish on conventional gear and hooked 2 sails on fly. He also released a dorado for his day's fishing.

Nov 7
John Case came down to the coast for a day fly fishing at Sailfish Bay. John released 4 sails on fly with 18 raises.

Nov 8
Bobby Walker and Capt Jay Murray raised 38 sailfish and released 22 on conventional gear.
Jay has captained charter boats in The Azores, South Carolina, Florida, and more. He had this to say..."I wanted to let you know that having fished many offshore destinations all over the world that Sailfish Bay Lodge is one of the finest that I have ever visited. The accommodations exceeded my expectations and the fishing was excellent. We released twenty-two sails in one day of fishing and had probably thirty-five to forty fish in the baits. This is unbelievable given the fact that this is the beginning of the season. Sailfish Bay Lodge is is also a must for the angler who wants to take a sail on fly tackle. The professionalism of the boat crew was what made the fishing so successful. My hats off to your staff. Thanks for a great trip."

Nov 13,14,15
Richard Taylor and Dennis Monahan joined us for 3 days billfishing. Fishing conventional - Nov 13: 26 sailfish releases. Nov 14: 34 sailfish releases. Nov 15: 16 sailfish releases. They also released several dorado.

Nov 19,20
William Driscoll and Jeffrey Salzman joined us and wanted to target sails on fly. On Day 1 they raised 22 sailfish, 12 bites, and released 3 on fly. On Day 2 they had 18 sailfish raises, with 8 bites, and released 2 on fly. They also raised 3 Blue Marlin.

Nov 23,24,25
John & JB Chonolky joined us for their first trip to Sailfish Bay. Nov 23 - 2 sailfish releases on conventional tackle. Nov 24 - 3 sailfish releases on fly. They also hooked a 400 lb Blue marlin on conventional gear. Nov 25 - 10 releases on fly with 42 raises and 21 bites. 2 more Blue marlin were also raised.

Nov 26,27,28
Mark Millet Sr and Mark Millet Jr arrived at Sailfish Bay Lodge. Nov 26 - They released 5 sailfish conventional on Tranquility.

Nov 27 - The Millet's released 5 sailfish on conventional gear and 7 dorado.

Also on Nov 27 Omar Moneim, Shane Hollas, Harry & Aaron Bumgartner arrived to our lodge fishing aboard Maverick. They released 7 sailfish and raised a Blue marlin.

Nov 28 - Sailfishing slowed down. However, Mark Millet Sr hooked a big dorado to be later gulped up by a 400 lb Black Marlin on spinning gear. Mark did release the Black after a 2-hour fight. Maverick released 0.

Nov 29 - Omar's group had 3 sailfish releases conventional, 7 dorado releases of which 5 were on fly rods.

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