Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

December 2005


Dave Tinker & Steve Kehoe joined us in Guatemala for their first visit to Sailfish Bay. Their trip turned out to be a very productive one.

Dec 1
11 sailfish releases conventional and 2 30 lb. dorado.

Howard Rothwell & Larry Landwehr arrive at Sailfish Bay.

Dec 2
Howard and Larry released 7 sailfish conventional and a big dorado.

Dec 3
Tinker group had 13 sailfish releases and Rothwell group had 11 sailfish releases on conventional gear. Rothwell also hooked a marlin.

Dec 4 - 7
We also welcomed world record owner Dr Glinski and friend Allen Holden. Fishing on fly and #8 lb test line, they raised 71 sailfish, released 17 on fly and 15 using only #8 lb test. On their last day of fishing, Dr Glinski hooked on the 8 weight a 350 lb Blue marlin but lost it on the fight. They have plans to return to Sailfish Bay in the next couple of months.

Dec 8 - 11
The Hemminghaus family visited and had an outstanding 4 days of fishing. They raised 86 sails, had 50 bites on fly and released 24 sails on fly. Roger also caught a 60 lb. plus dorado on conventional bait! This is one of the largest dorado caught in Guatemala this year.

Dec 12,13,14
Tom Pero, Editor of Fish and Fly magazine and professional photographer Walter Hodges came to visit Guatemala and Sailfish Bay. They spent several days visiting the great Mayan city of Tikal and the colonial Spanish city of Antigua.

Fishing aboard Maverick, they discovered why Guatemala is such a consistent and outstanding sportfishing destination. On the first day out with Sailfish Bay owner Robert Fallon, they were shown how to hook up sailfish on the fly. Neither had ever fly fished for billfish and were anxious to begin. Robert went first and successfully hooked and released the first sail up. Tom then hooked his first sail ever and then Walter followed with the third sail. On their first day out, they released 4 on fly On their second day, some bad luck and broken leaders reduced their release total to one.

But their final day (Dec 14) the fishing turned on. Tom and Robert started the day with a double on fly and together later caught another double. Walter also tried his turn while Tom took photos and released 2 more himself. We came in early after releasing 8 on fly and both Tom and Walter were excited about the fishing and loved Sailfish Bay Lodge. Look for their article in Fish and Fly magazine next year.

Dec 15 - 19
Ray Barker Smith and Dr. Marlene White joined us at Sailfish Bay and they wanted to target sailfish on fly rods. In 5 days fishing aboard "Maverick", they released 31 sails on fly. As Ray pointed out..."Marlene had 18 of those releases".

Dec 26
Fishing REALLY turned on. Cynthia & Pat MacLeod arrived at Sailfish Bay. and on their first day they released 28 sails conventional.

Dec 27
Joe Manno and his group arrived and it included his son Joey, Sal Mam, and Jason Byham. Their first day out fishing aboard "Enterprice" they released 24 sails conventional.

The Hughes Family arrived on the coast and it included Billie, John Sr., John Jr. Eric & Natalie Newall. On their first day fishing aboard Reel Escape with "Kiwi" they released 10 sails conventional.

Cynthia & Pat switched over to fly fishing aboard "Maverick" and released 7 sails.

Dec 28
Cynthia & Pat released 9 sailfish on fly on "Maverick".

The Hughes Family released 22 sailfish conventional on "Reel Escape".

The Manno Group released 25 sailfish conventional and 250 lb Blue Marlin fishing on "Gypsy". They also raised another Blue that would not take the bait.

Dec 29
The Hall Group arrived that included Bobby Hall, sons Brett & Andrew, Robert & Mitchell Lyons.

Fishing abooard "Maverick" they released 29 sailfish conventional.

The Hughes Family released a whopping 49 sailfish on "Reel Escape" conventional!

The Manno group released 31 sailfish conventional aboard "Gypsy".

Dec 30
Charlie Scott and Lea Knight arrived at Sailfish Bay. Fishing aboard "Gypsy" they released 9 sails on fly and 2 sailfish conventional.

The Hall group split up and fished their second day on 2 boats. The Halls fishing aboard "Maverick" released 12 sails on fly. Aboard "Reel Escape", the Lyons released 6 sailfish on fly and 20 conventional.

Dec 31
Charlie and Lea fishing aboard "Gypsy" released 7 sailfish on fly and 1 conventional.

The Hall group fishing aboard "Maverick" released 29 sailfish conventional.

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