Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

February 2006


From Feb 1 - 4 we welcomed The Jordan Pearlman group that also included Donna Pearlman, Don & Peg Barry, and John & Darline Plumley, and The Bob Kleinkopf group that also included Allan Kleinkopf, Joseph Roche, and Thomas Smith.

Fishing aboard "Maverick" Feb 1,2,3,4 the Pearlman group released 12 sailfish, 10 on fly & 2 conventional plus several dorado, jacks and a roosterfish.

Fishing aboard "Gypsy" Feb 2,3,4 the Kleinkopf group released 52 sailfish, 5 on fly and 47 conventional plus one 25 lb. dordao on fly.

We welcomed 5 more groups to Sailfish Bay during the Feb 5 - 9 period and the fishing was really HOT.

Steve Collis and Huw Davey joined us from the UK, fly fishing aboard "Gypsy" on Feb 5,6,7,8,9. According to Steve, "Our trip was amazing! We released 31 sailfish on fly during our visit. Sailfish Broken off = 10, Sailfish that threw the hook = 8, and Sailfish that came up, laughed at us and swam away = 29. Our smallest fish was 85 lbs and the largest 120 lbs. See you next February!"

Wade MacArthur and Matthew Steinmetz fished on "Stratgos", Feb 5,6,7. On day one they released 10 sailfish conventional (all hooked up themselves) and 3 on fly. Day 2 they released 8 sails on fly. And finally on Day 3 they released another 8 sails on fly.

Bruce Herrick and Buck Greers fished aboard "Maverick" Feb 6,7,8,9. They had fantastic fishing and released 74 sailfish.

Captain Kiwi brought in a group of 4 anglers that stayed with us at Sailfish Bay Feb 6,7,8. Kiwi's group released 70 sailfish in 3 days of fishing.

Doug Boutilier brought his group down to the coast for a few days of sailfishing. Joining Doug were Bobbie Boutilier, Al & Joyce Bell. Fishing aboard "Tranquility" Feb 7,8 they released 9 sailfish conventional (hooking up themselves), 6 on fly and on Day 2 10 sailfish released conventional and 1 on fly.

Dr. Emery Kertesz & Sheely Kertesz visited us from Australia Feb 7,8,9. They did very well and also released 70 sailfish conventional aboard "Conga". The last day, Sheely tried his hand at fly fishing and successfully released and tagged his first 2 sailfish ever.

John Hildreth and Rudy Ceechi brought their group of 16 anglers to Sailfish Bay. They were also joined by Erling, Erik, and Kenneth Asheim, Robert Monahan, Tom Leonhardt, Craig Johnson, Tom Wilson, John Casella, David Clapp, Clark Smith, Tom Costantakos, Paul Lunney, Tom Kennedy, and Eddie Hildreth. Fishing aboard "Maverick", "Gypsy", "Teaser", "Sirena", and "Conga" Feb 10,11,12 they released 124 sailfish conventional and 9 on fly.

It did not take Dr. Sanchez very long to make a repeat visit to Sailfish Bay. Having just fished with us Jan 2 - 7 he was able to work out a last minute trip for 3 more days of fishing Feb 13,14,15. He was joined by his friend Tony Rivera. In only 3 days of fishing they released 65 sailfish conventional and 23 on fly! They slammed em.

Also joining us out on the coast and doing very well fishing aboard "Sirena" Feb 13,14,15,16, Art Robinson & Richard Cramer released a total of 38 sailfish - 20 conventional and 18 on fly.

Peter Skinner and Shirley Deterding from England visited Sailfish Bay Feb 14,15,16. Prior to us they were fishing Costa Rica and only caught 2 sails in 3 days. We were ready to show them what Guatemala and Sailfish Bay were all about. In 3 days of fishing at Sailfish Bay they released 51 sailfish, 47 conventional and 3 on fly. Shirley also caught and released a 140 lb sail on fly unofficially breaking the woman's record on 20 lb tippet by at least 25 lbs. Congratulations on the catch!

Erich Amplatz and his party arrived for their 3rd year in a row. Erich was joined by Josef Elias, Christian Bienert, Jagsch Franz, Ludwig Schulz, Karl Jestl, Erich Muscovich, Gunter Trippel, and Eugen Helzl

Fishing aboard Maverick, Gypsy & Stratgos Feb 16,17,18,19,20,21 they released 58 sailfish on fly rods.

Dr. Lee Franklin arrived for his 7th trip with Sailfish Bay and he was accompanied by Dr. Lee Franklin, Robert Franklin, Jeff and Justice Maddox. Fishing for 3 days aboard Sirena, Feb 17,18,19 they released 39 sails and caught several nice Dorado.

Dr Phil Hansen came and fished with us after completing a medical mission trip to Guatemala. He was joined by wife Wendy, Fred & Mike Lester Fishing Feb 19,20 they released their first ever sails on fly in addition to a handful on bait.

On Feb 19 as well we had another medical mission team release 8 sails on bait and we hosted several golf players here in Guatemala for the Hooters semi pro golf tour. The Hooters Golf Tour began its 2006 season at San Ysidro Golf Club in Guatemala City. The winner ended at only 1 under par (tough greens!) and director of golf for Hooters, Robin Flowers told us that this course will be in the top 3 they play! "Itís a great course, equal to any in the States." Several players, who did not make the cut, chose to fish with us. Fishing was a bit slow but on two boats they released 5 sails and added some nice Dorado.

Lewis Turner and Paul Higgins fished at Sailfish Bay Feb 20,21,22 and had a great trip. The released 13 sails on fly for their first billfish fly fishing experience.

Mike Eakin and Thomas Noonan arrived in Guatemala and fished with us Feb 22,23,24,25,26 and experienced some "fussy" sailfish but still released 29 on bait. Sailfish were seen swimming on the surface and free jumping but for several weeks, their bellies have been full on the abundant bait and slow to hit the baits.

Returning to Sailfish Bay for the 3rd time were Mike and Sally Trotter, owners of Baranoff Wilderness Lodge in Warm Springs Bay, Alaska. They were joined by clients and friends, Robert Blair, Fern Elufson, Wayne and Cathy Cecil, Mike Hammons, Frank Clohan, and Ray Bucy. Fishing by our standards was a bit slow for their "No Stress" fly fishing tournament. Fishing aboard Maverick, Gypsy, Stratgos, and Sirena Feb 23,24,25,26 they released 33 sails on fly. They had a great time at our new Lodge and already reserved 2007 for their 4th trip in a row.

A father and son duo, Richard Gillette and son Richard visited us Feb 26,27,28. Last year they caught one sail in Costa Rica but here in Guatemala they caught and released 41 sails in 3 days. (No surprise - they have already rebooked at Sailfish Bay for next year!)

Visiting all the way from Belgium were two father and son teams, Joost and Oliver Dubaere and Luc and William Dubaere. They had a fantastic experience fishing Feb 27,28 March 1,2, and 3. They released 116 sailfish conventional; hooking almost all of them up themselves and of course using circle hooks to prevent damaging the fish. They also left us a CD of fantastic photographs and we will post them shortly on our website.

Returning Sailfish Bay anglers, Jim Tanaka and Don Langrock visited and fished Feb 27,28 March 1,2. Fishing was HOT! HOT! HOT! They released an amazing 30 sails on fly, AND each caught, using bait, a 300 lb blue marlin on day two. Then the next day Don landed a 500 lb blue! Thirty sails on fly and 3 marlin make this easily their best trip to Guatemala!

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