Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

December 1 - December 31, 2004


The sailfish Bite is ON!!! Blue water as moved closer to shore and has brought thousands of sailfish with it! Sailfish are seen free jumping in all directions as we fished the last several days from 15-25 miles offshore.

Dec 3 - 6
Our good friend Dr Lee Franklin visited us once again for the for the 5th time and brought 3 billfish rookies. Travis, Brian and Dale had never caught sailfish and wanted to try with conventional and fly fishing equipment.

The first day out aboard "Maverick", 24 sailfish were raised, 15 bit and our friends released 12 on conventional tackle. The second day out they released 9 on conventional gear and then switched over to fly. Our crew taught them the technique and by the end of the day, each released their first sails on fly!.

Their third day saw the sailfish bite turn even hotter. "Maverick"
raised 26 sails, 10 were released on conventional tackle and then they switched to fly and released 7 in the afternoon. Travis also caught a beautiful 35 lb dorado.

Meanwhile aboard "Gypsy", we welcomed Guatemala fishing veterans, the Perez family from Illinois. Tommy Perez has
fished here for years but this was their first visit to Sailfish Bay Lodge.
Action was hot on "Gypsy" and by the end of the day, they released 24 sails on conventional gear.

The second day out on "Gypsy" was incredible! The sailfish bite was
awesome. 80 sailfish were raised and the Perez family released an incredible 50 sailfish in one day! "My previous
best was 32 in all the years of fishing in Guatemala. "This day was amazing!", said Tommy.

Dec 9 - 11
Paul Lyle and fellow anglers Frank Finizio, Brian Kevit, and Brian Fenlin joined us. Fishing aboard Maverick:
Dec 9 - 3 sailfish releases on fly and 15 conventional
Dec 10 - 10 on fly and 14 conventional
Dec 11 - 8 on fly and 20 conventional

Dec 13 - 15
World champion BBQ'ers David Klose and Rick Naug visited Sailfish Bay. Fishing aboard Gypsy:
Dec 13 - 22 sailfish releases conventional
Dec 14 - 40 releases conventional
Dec 15 - 18 sail releases conventional + 25 yellowfin tuna.

Dec 19 - 20
Bob Meade, manager of Outdoor Travel (owners of Casa Blanca & Playa Blanca in the Yucatan) joined us for 2 days. Fishing slowed down quite a bit and Bob released 2 sailfish on fly. He accomplished his goal of getting his first sail on a fly rod.

Dec 25 - 27
The Shriner Nelson party joined us over Christmas at SBL.
Dec 25 - 6 sailfish releases conventional
Dec 26 - 0 releases
Dec 27 - 1 release conventional + 1 on fly

Dec 28 - 30
William & John Cantwell arrived for 3 days fishing.
Dec 28 - 3 sailfish releases conventional
Dec 29 - 4 releases conventional
Dec 30 - 3 releases conventional

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