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March 2006 - Sailfish Bay Fishing Report


Fishing turned on as February ended and March began. Large numbers of sailfish have been off the coast of Guatemala for the past several weeks but on many days they have been sluggish to hit the baits or grab the flies. There is a large amount of bait in the water, but boats have been raising up to 50 sails a day and conventional releases have averaged 10 to 20. Quite a few blue marlin have been raised, one day boats raised 11 and our boat Maverick released 2 three hundred pound blues in one day and the next day a 500 lb was released. Water is clear and a little cooler than usual .due to "La Nina" and accounts for greater bait and marlin near the coast.

Carry over from February Fishing Report:

Visiting all the way from Belgium were two father and son teams, Joost and Oliver Dubaere and Luc and William Dubaere. They had a fantastic experience fishing Feb 27,28 March 1,2, and 3. They released 116 sailfish conventional; hooking almost all of them up themselves and of course using circle hooks to prevent damaging the fish. They also left us a CD of fantastic photographs and we will post them shortly on our website.

Returning Sailfish Bay anglers, Jim Tanaka and Don Langrock visited and fished Feb 27,28 March 1,2. Fishing was HOT! HOT! HOT! They released an amazing 30 sails on fly, AND each caught, using bait, a 300 lb blue marlin on day two. Then the next day Don landed a 500 lb blue! Thirty sails on fly and 3 marlin make this easily their best trip to Guatemala!

Butch Barnhill and Dr Lon Hamby visited Guatemala for the first time and were not disappointed. Fishing March 2,3,4 they released 45 sails and on their last day, caught 3 roosterfish of 45, 40 and 30 lbs, and hooked up a blue marlin but lost it when the hook was tossed on a jump.

Richard Ramey, Bill Wickham, Dan Reeverts, and "Skipper" Van Cleave arrived on the coast. Fishing aboard "Gypsy" March 4,5 the group released 30 sailfish.

Steven Salzstein, Ronald, Mitchell, and Michael Fein arrived at Sailfish Bay. In 2 days of fishing aboard "Bora Bora" on March 4,5 they released 34 sailfish.

An UNBELIEVABLE SAILFISH BITE TURNED ON BIG TIME!!! EYE-POPPING NUMBERS.. The single best bite we have seen in 5 years at Sailfish Bay and maybe ever in Guatemala.

Barry Reynolds, Bill Rivett and Tom Lewis joined us at Sailfish Bay to film The Barry Reynolds Fly Fishing Journal. Two shows on Sailfish Bay will air next January (2007) on the Alititude Sports Network. The Journal is about the art of fly fishing and the passion of pursuing the world's greatest gamefish on fly. Fishing March 4,5,6,7,8 aboard "Maverick" Barry's group released 28 sailfish on fly.

Jay & Jimmy Gilleece, Richie Denzler, and Randy Ward slammed the sailfish in their 5 days of fishing March 6,7,8,9,10 with Kiwi aboard "Reel Escape". They released 220 sailfish during their stay with us!

Kirk & Krista Courson and Roger & Debbie Wheeler released a whopping 201 sailfish aboard "Gypsy" March 7,8,9,10,11. Kirk mentioned to us, "I will probably never see something like that again in my lifetime."

Richard & John Austin and Dieter Holbing joined us from Europe and they released 166 sailfish and a 600 lb Blue marlin fishing March 8,9,10,11 aboard "Conga".

Marc & Ron Felton joined us from the sunny state of California and they almost broke our single day fly fishing record. Fishing aboard "Maverick", the father-son team released a stellar 67 sailfish conventional and 42 on fly in 4 days of fishing March 8,9,10,11. They released 21 sailfish on fly the last day, one short of the Sailfish Bay record. Michael Barnett and James Yates still hold the Sailfish Bay record of 22 releases Feb 14, 2004.

David and Amanda Perryman, a father-daughter team did an amazing job as well on the sailfish. Fishing March 12,13,14 with Kiwi aboard "Reel Escape" they released 106 sailfish on conventional gear and 21 on fly in only 3 days fishing. Good work!

Buck Nichols returned to Sailfish Bay for the 3rd time and each year has gotten better. He was joined by son Dustin Nichols, Justin Triesch, Alberto Muzquiz, Richard Barthels, Wade, Scott, and Chance Brauchle. Fishing aboard "Gypsy" and "Maverick" March 13,14,15 the group released 235 sailfish in 3 days of fishing. They also released a 350 lb. Blue marlin.

The incredible fishing in March (boats raising more than 100 sailfish a day!), started slowing in late March as currents changed and fish scattered. However, the last few days of March and first days of April have seen more sailfish and some marlin raises and bites. Fishing is out at 18-20 miles and weather and seas are calm.

Jack Kirby and Peter Dauk arrived at Sailfish Bay. In 4 days of fishing on March 15,16,17,18 they released 39 sailfish on fly. Peter arrived a day early and released 10 sailfish.

Brent Stinnet and Mark Johnson arrived at Sailfish Bay. In 4 days of fishing aboard "Reel Escape" on March 16,17,18,19 they released 81 sailfish conventional.

Dr Geshay's group returned to Sailfish Bay for their 4th trip. He was also joined by fellow anglers Fred Ruthardt, Jim Stambaugh, and Walt Lizza. In 3 days of fishing March 16,17, 18 they released 64 sailfish.

Ed Opler returning for his 5th trip to Sailfish Bay, caught his first ever blue marlin, a beautiful 300 pounder on the the first day out. Fishing March 20,21,22,23 he and friends Laura Burling and Jack and Sandy Dennis caught 13 sails on fly and Ed and Sandy each caught a 45 lb dorado.

Max Steiner and Carl Hood visited us over the exact dates above and in their 4 days of fishing released 54 sailfish.

Martin Malmsten flew over from Sweden and wanted to try his hand at fly fishing for billfish. On his first day out he released 5 on fly and over the next two days Martin released 9 more.

Visiting us for the second time, Jerry Brown brought his group to Sailfish Bay that included Alex Brown, Jim and Mark Bacus. They hit a slow down and released 4 sails March 24,25.

John and Bebe Murray arrived out on the coast with friends John and Penny Corcoran, Rusty Campbell, and Mike Davis. Fishing March 24,25,26 they released 13 sails on bait and fly fished the last day and caught an
impressive 4. Bebe and Penny also visited the ancient Mayan City of Tikal for a great day trip to view the Ruins.

Milton Schopper and his group arrived at Sailfish Bay for their first visit. He was joined by Russ and Randy Coleman, Mike Aden, Tomas Palm Chad Burton, and Bill Walker. Fishing March 24,25,26 the group released 42 sails on bait, 1 on fly and added a 45 lb dorado.

Robert Dutkiewicz brought his friends Nick Farrara, Bruce Huss and Terry Odell to Guatemala. Fishing was a little slow during their visit March 24,25,26, but they released 7 sails in 2 days. They plan on returning again in 2007.

First timer at Sailfish Bay, but veteran Guatemala angler Jon Theuerkeuf brought his friends Brice Zachery and Dr Andrew Publiese. They had a great trip releasing 62 sails in 3 days fishing March 29,30 April 1 with Captain Chris "Kiwi".

Hailing from Texas, Jimmie Ellison, Mike Foster, Jimmy Pierce and Roger Little joined us at SBL. Rookies to both Guatemala and billfishing, they had a great 2 day trip releasing 32 sailfish April 1,2.

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