Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

October 5 - November 28, 2004


Nov 26 - 28
Steve & Woody McCabe joined us at Sailfish Bay Lodge for a 5th time in 3 years. They released 2 sails on Nov 26, 16 sails (including doubles and triples) on Nov 27, and 10 sails on Nov 28 with 3 very nice dorado.

Nov 21 - 23
Cleaner water has moved close to shore in the last few days and fishing is now at 10-15 miles. Eric Hunter and sons Wilson, Josh, and Sam visited from Alabama for their first trip to Sailfish Bay Lodge. On Nov 21 they released 7 sails including a quadruple hookup! On Nov 22 they released 14 sails with another quadruple hookup. Could they do it again on day # 3? Yes, they did. On the final day, Nov 23 the Hunters released 30 sails with another quadruple hookup. Congratulations to them.

Nov 14 - 16
Presidential Challenge of Central America Water conditions in mid November continue to be spotty. For the past 6 weeks water has been affected by strong currents coming from the south and water has been green to "clear green". Blue water is very far out but in recent days cleaner water seems to be moving in. As a result, fishing has been up and down. One day itís pretty good, the next day the water has again changed and we start over to look for fish.

In the past week blue, marlin have been spotted almost daily and 3 have been released this week.

In this 3-day annual tournament, 18 boats released 507 sailfish, 2 blue marlin and 1 striped marlin. Our boat "Maverick" released 28 sails over the 3 days. On day 2, a 300 lb blue marlin played with several of the teasers and lines but wouldnít take the pitched bait.

Nov 5 - 7
Cary Chen's "Bamboo" Tournament Our friend and well known marine artist Cary Chen returned to Guatemala and hosted his first annual billfish tournament. Unfortunately for the anglers water conditions were poor and water was green for up to 60 miles offshore. Fishing aboard "Maverick" and 4 other boats, the anglers, many using circle hooks for the first time, were plagued both by few fish and difficulty with the new hook up procedure. On "Maverick", the anglers released the first day 3 sails for 7 bites, the second day 0 for 8 and the final day with Cary aboard, 1 for 3. It was tough fishing but all the anglers enjoyed their first visit to Guatemala and we look forward to their return next year.

Cary Chenís marine paintings and merchandise will be available in our new Sailfish Bay Lodge opening this January.

Oct 29 - 30
We welcomed fellow Sailfish Bay Lodge owner Ian Jack and his two friends Bobby and Robert. Fishing on the first day was excellent with 13 sail releases including 2 triple hookups and 3 doubles. The second day we went out to 52 miles, found blue water, spinner dolphins, birds and turtles, everything pointing to great fishing but the sails just werenít hungry and we noticed a great deal of squid in the water. 3 sails were released.

Oct 10
A one day fishing trip by local Americans and Guatemalans resulted in 9 sails released and 8 nice dorado.

Oct 5
A windy and bit rough one day trip by locals resulted in 2 sail releases and 13 dorado.

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