Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

April 2006


April 1 & 2
Hailing from Texas, Jimmie Ellison, Mike Foster, Jimmy Pierce and Roger Little joined us at SBL. Rookies to both Guatemala and billfishing, they had a great 2 day trip releasing 32 sailfish.

April 3 & 4
Gary Clayton, Gary Phillips, Steve Wylie, and Lynn Farmer fished aboard Gypsy and released 23 sailfish in 2 days.

April 6 - 8
Charlie Farrell, Brad Galo, Jerry Merck, Scott Knowlton, Barry Sanditen, and Robert Myers fished aboard Gypsy and Tranquility and released 40 sailfish in 3 days fishing.

April 7 & 8
Jim Gaffney and Jim Russo fished aboard Conga and released 4 sailfish in 2 days fishing.

April 9 & 10
Larry and Donna Baird fished aboard Gypsy and released 21 sailfish in their 2 days of fishing.

April 10 & 12
Dave Tinker, Clip Hopkins and son Clip Jr fished aboard Tranquility and released 5 sails.

April 12 & 13
Lary Knowlton, Butch Warren, Billy Burleson and Philip Robins fished aboard Gypsy and released 13 sails and a 250 lb blue marlin.

April 19 - 21
Ted and Tricia Meyers fished aboard Gypsy and released 6 sails on fly.

April 20 - 22
Joe, Stephen and Robert DiBenedetto fished aboard Sirena and released 49 sailfish and 5 of them were on fly with several double hook ups and one triple. Each angler caught a sailfish on fly and for Robert and Stephen it was their first sailfish on fly rods. Congratulations.

April 22 & 23
John Murchison and Baron Unbehagen fished aboard Gypsy and released 12 sails on bait and 4 on fly.

April 28 - May 3
Nancy Wickes and Ollie Fields fished aboard Gypsy and released 25 sailfish on fly and a 250 lb blue marlin in 6 days fishing.

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