Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Summer 2006 - Fishing Report


June 3 - 5
Francis Wimbish, Trenton Kelly, Jason Gilliam and Andy Townent fished aboard Gypsy and released 9 sailfish.

June 13 - 15
Brian Hutton, Glen Canada and Nick Canada released 27 sailfish and caught several dorado each day.

June 18
Lane Britain and Mrs. Britain fished aboard Gypsy and raised 5 sails, caught 1 on fly and 1 on bait. Two large blue marlin (400-500lbs) were raised.

June 24 & 25
Doug Sellers, Ken Braud, Scott Pharr and Craig Tompkins released 12 sailfish and both days added dorado to their catch.

July 5
We had 2 couples visiting Guatemala and they fished for 1 day aboard Gypsy. Twenty sailfish were raised and they caught and released 11 and also caught several dorado.

July 7
Buck and Sherry Nichols, Gary and Charlotte Brauchle raised 9 sails and released 4 along with several dorado.

July 8 & 9
Dan, Troy and Chris Stidham and George Collier released 10 saifish aboard Gypsy. On day 3 weather turned and it was a little too rough to fish.

July 16
Bobby Walker, Costello Rouse, and Vince Spivey released 11 dorado.

July 21, 22, and 23
Donnie Arpin, Kevin Arpin, Paul Behles, David Wilkerson, Edward Farrell, and Richard Comer arrived at Sailfish Bay for 3 days of fishing. Fishing aboard Gypsy and Stratgos, the group released 12 sailfish on Day #1, 6 sailfish on Day #2, and 9 sails on Day #3. Each day the released several dorado for an action-packed 3 days.

Even our "off" season is better then most destinations" prime season.

Blue water is in close, starting at 7 miles and both sailfish and dorado are being caught by our boats. Water temperature is normal and seas are calm.

Aug 5,6,7 We were joined by 4-time repeat client Tom Tomfohdre along with Son Rick and Grandson Derek. The Tomfohdres slammed the sails. They raised 62 sails and released 29
including a perfectly scripted finish on the 3rd day when they recorded a triple hook up to end a great trip to Sailfish Bay.

From Tom Tomfohdre:
""I have come down to Sailfish Bay in January the last 4 years. I visit with a group of buddies at that time. I have been very anxious to get my son and grandson to Sailfish Bay. There are not many opportunities for a Grandfather to fish with a 15-year old boy because of school and sports commitments. I was so pleased being able to get the boys down to Guatemala this August. We fished for 3 days and released 29 sails. That does not sound like a slow season to me! This was a dream trip for me in being able to share it with loved ones. I can't even express the joy that followed. The very first catch of the very first day was a double. I sat back and watched my son and grandson do battle with 100 lb. sailfish at the same time. It gets better. The very last catch on the very last day was a triple! So there we are on the back of the boat - Grandfather, Son, and Grandson all hooked up on sailfish. I could not have written a better script myself."

Aug 8,9,10 Steve Heggeness, daughter
Hansine Heggeness, and Russell Lavery tried their hand at Big Game Fishing in Guatemala.
The first day out they raised 16 sails and
released 8 on conventional bait. The next 2 days went after the sails on fly. Two sails were released the final day and each day numerous dorado were caught.

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