Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

October 2006 - Fishing Report


After our yearly September shut down, we are back at it! Here is the latest from the fertile waters of Sailfish Bay.

Oct 6,7,8
We were joined at Sailfish Bay by the Conlan family: Chris, George and Matt for 3 days of billfishing. They did very well and released 6 sailfish on Oct 6, 8 sais on Oct 7, and 7 sails on Oct 8. They also caught several dorado over their 3 days of fishing.

Oct 13 & 14
The Father/Son Team of Ricard Astrella Sr. and Richard Astrella Jr visited Guatemala for 2 days of bluewater fishing. They released 2 sailfish on Oct 13 and 6 sails on Oct 14 that included a double. They were able to get a really nice pic of that moment that will be remembered for a long time.

Oct 16,17,18
Frank Feltham, Ed Hay, Harry Jellison, and Carrol Josey arrived out on the coast for 3 days of fishing. On Oct 16 the group released 13 sailfish on 21 raises. On Oct 17 they released 11 sailfish. A blue marlin crashed through the spread, but would not take the bait and disappeared. Oct 18 the group released 15 sailfish with 25 raises.

Oct 21,22
Larry Baird Sr could not get enough of Guatemala fishing in April so he felt the need to return to Sailfish Bay in Oct with son Larry Jr. On Oct 21 the released 14 sailfish and 2 dorado. On Oct 22 they released 21 sails! Per Larry, "The first day we had two doubles, the second day we had three doubles and ended with a triple. WOW!" Fishing is heating up!!

Oct 24,25,26
We welcomed Ernie Hostetler, Michael Claywell, Robert Bishop, Dean Badger, Ron Rogers, John Lowther, Charles McPherson, Daniel Ozbun, Baron Adelmann, Russell Sime, Steven Watson, and Timothy Maxson to Sailfish Bay for 3 days of billfishing. On Oct 24 the group released 25 sailfish conventional and 3 on fly. On Oct 25 the group released 22 sailfish conventional, 5 on fly and raised 2 Marlin. On Oct 26, the final day the anglers released 26 sailfish conventional, 5 on fly, had 4 Marlin raised with 2 bites.

Oct 28,29,30,31
Alan Holden & Ron Glinsky wanted to tackle sailfish on fly rods and joined us for the second year in a row. On Oct 28 the anglers released 5 sails on fly. Oct 29 they released 1 sailfish on fly. Oct 30 they recorded 4 sailfish releases on fly and on Oct 31 they released 5 sailfish on conventional gear. They also caught a few dorado.

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