Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

May 17 - September 30, 2004


May 17 - 23
Guatemala fishing lured Grant & Bob Wiswell to Sailfish Bay Lodge. They released 10 sails on fly and 5 conventional in 3 days. They also hooked a 250 lb Blue Marlin.

May 24 - June 23
We had several day trips aboard "Maverick" with varying experiences. The green water that had moved in brought scarce numbers of sails, clients released between 1 and 4 sails per day. Dorado were caught on every trip and on one outing clients caught 3 nice roosterfish with the biggest going over 30lbs.

Water conditions since mid May have been muddled because of the arrival of green water and to a degree a red tide that plagued the rest of Central America earlier this year. Fishing has been a mixed bag,sailfishing has been slow but the rainy season has brought in hoards of dorado and yellowfin tuna.

Water seems to be clearing and blue water is moving back in but remains out at 25-35 miles depending upon the direction.

At this time of the year, Guatemala actually offers a better diversity of fishing than our "prime sailfish season". The sailfish are always here, they breed here. Everyday we go out we expect to catch sailfish. Almost always we raise sailfish, it's a rarity when we don't. But from April to October we see the arrival of more dorado and yellowfin tuna. When we find large groups, hundreds, of "spinner dolphins" we almost always encounter yellowfin tuna. For the past 2 months we've seen the dolphins, caught a ton of tuna,including on fly rods and also have enjoyed watching the numerous whales swimming offshore.

June 24 - 26
We welcomed back our good friend Dr Lee Franklin of Alabama who brought three other doctors fishing with us. They all caught sailfish but hit the mother load of dorado and yellowfin tuna. Fishing around the spinner dolphins, they brought out their 10 weight fly rods and caught 12 tuna in one outing and countless dorado on fly. Fresh susimi onboard the boat and grilled dorado at our Lodge brought smiles to their faces. This is Dr Franklin's third trip with us this year and we look forward to seeing him again in December.

July 6 - 8
We welcomed the Buck Nichols Group from Texas for their first visit to Guatemala and they really enjoyed fishing with us. They all caught sailfish over the three days including a nice doubleheader. A nice 350 blue marlin stuck our teasers. It was teased right up to the boat but we couldn't get it to bite. Numerous dorado were caught and enjoyed for ceviche and dinner at our Lodge. Buck's group has rebooked for March 2005.

July 10
Friends of ours went out in the morning and experienced a complete surprise. Fishing only a half mile offshore in a decent patch of blue water, they released 5 sails, had a great marlin strike(it bit the teaser off!), caught 2 large dorado, several jack crevalles and some mackerel! One of the sailfish was hooked on a rapala they were trolling. A surprise because we have only found decent water 30 miles offshore but there was this small area of blue water right next to shore and the fish were there! You never know what you find when out fishing.

Sept 2004 This month we saw changing water conditions which is normal during our last rainy season month but also because of the large numbers of Atlantic hurricanes affecting even conditions in the Pacific ocean

Highlights: Blue Marlin caught and 29 sailfish released in one day!

Sept 4 - 7
On Sept 4 we welcomed the Brown family from North Carolina. Wanting to catch their first sailfish on the first day out aboard Maverick we also raised 2 blue marlin. Gary successfully released one weighing about 250lbs and the other failed to take a good bite. In addition, sailfish and dorado were caught. In the next few days more sailfish were caught and released and the final day stormy weather brought them in early. Although not great numbers were had, all had caught their first sail and are making plans to return next year with more friends and family.

Sept 22 - 26
We welcomed from Pennsylvania Dr. Jim Geshay and friends Fred and Walter to Sailfish Bay Lodge. Jim and Fred have fished in Guatemala for the past 4 years but this was their first time staying with us. Their first day out Captain Tito aboard Maverick found a large group of spinner dolphin (in the hundreds!) and the fishing began. At days end our group had released 7 sails and several nice dorado. The second day they went to the same area but the currents had changed the water, the dolphin had disappeared and they settled for only 2 sails. Their third day out was Guatemala famous! On our way out at about 23 miles, we found more dolphins and several sailfish swimming along the surface. We stopped the boat and within minutes of putting our lines in, a double hookup was on. By lunchtime, they had released 11. Moving further out, we stopped at 32 miles when we noticed more free jumping and surface sails The afternoon was fantastic! Doubles, several triples left our clients tired and remembering their 50 plus they had here in Guatemala last January. At one point in the afternoon a blue marlin came up for a look at our center teaser but would not bite and disappeared. As we were pulling in the lines and raising the outriggers, our mate Pia left one line out and sure enough another sail hit the line and Pia successfully hooked up! At days end our clients had released 29 sails, most hooked up themselves.

This was the most sailfish caught in Guatemala since last May!

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