Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

November 2006


Nov 3,4
Jordan Cooper & Leif Swenson arrived at Sailfish Bay for 2 days of fishing. On Nov 3 they released 11 sailfish conventional. On Nov 4 the pair of anglers released 7 sailfish conventional and 2 sailfish on fly.

Kent Hiller, Kyle Hiller (12 years old), Kirk Knoll, and Bruce Wiland joined us for 4 days of fishing. On Nov 3 the group released 12 sailfish. The following 3 days were as follows: Nov 4 - 13 sailfish releases, Nov 5 - 1 sailfish release, and Nov 6 the group finished with 10 sailfish releases. Congratulations to Kyle for catching his first ever sailfish at age 12 and beginning his angling career at such a young age!

Nov 8,9,10
Hub Talbot, Bo Smith, Rex Smith, Bob McQueen, Jim Thornberry, and Jimmy Thornberry arrived at Sailfish Bay for 3 days of bluewater fishing. The fishing was strong with the group releasing 18 sailfish on Nov 8, 26 sailfish on Nov 9, and 10 sailfish on Nov 10.

Guatemala hosted a World Billfish Series Tournament Event November 9 - 11 and our new boat "Sirena" captured top honors in the best boat category!! Anglers aboard Sirena released an impressive 47 sailfish to win the tournament.

Congratulations to Captain Carlos for continuing his winning ways.

Nov 14,15,16,17,18
Matt Lundak, Mike Anderson, Troy Heusinvelt, Tony Franklin, Richard Holt, Scott Heaton, Tony Hollicheck, and Kevin Orr arrived to tackle the sailfish action in Guatemala. Fishing from two boats, on Nov 14 the group released 18 sailfish. Nov 15 they released 16 sailfish and raised 1 blue marlin, and on the final day they recorded 32 sailfish releases.

Also, on Nov 16 we welcomed the father son team of Jim Reichheld and John Riechheld to Sailfish Bay. On Nov 16, Jim and John had 10 sailfish releases and Nov 17 they had 7 releases.

Jim Sheffield, David Hoover, Ray Randell, and Jeff Warren came down to Guatemala for 2 days of bluewater fishing. On Nov 17 the recorded 2 sailfish releases and on Nov 18 they had 8 releases.

Fishing has been outstanding and sailfish are
literally in every direction offshore. Water is cool and blue at 15 miles and boats fishing in every area are reporting great catches.

Nov 28,29 and Dec 1,2

International Light Tackle Association, the oldest and most prestigious tournament, visited Guatemala with 90 anglers aboard 30 boats and literally broke all previous tournament catch records. In 4 days of fishing, the anglers released an incredible 1664 sailfish and marlin. That translates to an impressive
daily release of almost 14 sailfish per boat.

Italian native and Guatemalan resident, Romano
Dellamora captured best angler award, releasing 33 sails in the four days. Romano, who fished aboard Sirena (and former Sirena owner), added another trophy to his name and clearly has been Guatemala's most prestige's angler. His team also won top awards and Sirena placed second among the thirty boats with 88 sailfish releases.

On day four, Sirena raised an amazing 91 sails and the anglers experienced 61 bites.

Maverick was equally outstanding with it's anglers releasing 72 sailfish and one 300 lb blue marlin on it's final day.

Tournament anglers from around the world all expressed their surprise of Guatemala's great fishing.

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