Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

December 2006


Nov 28,29 and Dec 1,2

International Light Tackle Association, the oldest and most prestigious tournament, visited Guatemala with 90 anglers aboard 30 boats and literally broke all previous tournament catch records. In 4 days of fishing, the anglers released an incredible 1664 sailfish and marlin. That translates to an impressive daily release of almost 14 sailfish per boat.

Italian native and Guatemalan resident, Romano Dellamora captured best angler award, releasing 33 sails in the four days. Romano, who fished aboard Sirena (and former Sirena owner), added another trophy to his name and clearly has been Guatemala's most prestige's angler. His team also won top awards and Sirena placed second among the thirty boats with 88 sailfish releases.

On day four, Sirena raised an amazing 91 sails and the anglers experienced 61 bites.

Maverick was equally outstanding with it's anglers releasing 72 sailfish and one 300 lb blue marlin on it's final day.

Tournament anglers from around the world all expressed their surprise of Guatemala's great fishing.

Dec 3,4,5

Jim & Rosalyn Greene, visiting from Maryland had a great trip aboard Maverick. Focusing on fly fishing, Dec 3 the Greene's had 4 sailfish releases and caught a (and later enjoyed at dinner!), 35 lb dorado on fly. Dec 4 began with Jim hooking and releasing a 250 lb blue marlin on 30-weight line and he added 9 more sailfish releases on fly. On Dec 5 he released 7 more on the fly.

Joe, Carol, John, and Christy Musial also arrived at Sailfish Bay and did very well. On Dec 3 they released 20 sailfish. Fishing on Dec 4 the group released 12 sailfish. And on Dec 5 the Musial group wanted to try some fly fishing and nailed 5 on fly and 19 sailfish on conventional gear.

Dec 7,8,9,10,11,12

Bill and Sheila Hassan arrived in Guatemala for their first visit with us at Sailfish Bay. Their focus was fly fishing for sails. On Dec 7 they released 3 sails on fly.

The Musials released 6 sailfish on fly and 9 conventional.

On Dec 8 the Musials released 4 sailfish on fly and another 17 conventional!

Bill and Sheila had zero releases on fly.

Bruce and Wynne Sharp arrived for the bluewater action and released 17 sailfish and 2 dorado.

Also arriving at Sailfish Bay were Steve Schwefel, Roger Loomis, Carl Floody, and John Strenger. They slammed 22 sailfish, 2 dorado and one 500 lb blue marlin!

Fishing on Dec 9 Bill and Sheila did well on their last day with 6 sailfish releases on fly.

Bruce and Wynne nailed 22 sailfish on conventional gear.

The Schwefel group released 39 sailfish.

Scott & Heather Harpole, Dennis McMickle, and Kara Riccardi arrived for 3 days of big game fishing. On Dec 9 they also released 30 sailfish.

Dec 10 - The Schwefel group finished up on their last day of fishing with 20 sailfish releases.

The Harpole group released 15 sailfish.

The father son team of Luke and Tim Denton arrived on the coast. On Dec 10th they released 9 sailfish.

Dec 11 - The Harpole group released another 20 sailfish.

Tim & Luke nailed 25 sailfish.

Ropen Nalbandian and Lowell Garrett arrived at Sailfish Bay for the hot sailfish bite. One Dec 11 the pair of anglers released 25 sailfish and 2 dorado.

Dec 12 Tim & Luke closed out with 6 sailfish, 2 dorado, 2 bonito, and 2 rainbow runners. A mixed bag to say the least.

Ropen and Lowell released 20 sailfish and one 150 lb blue marlin.

Hailing from Finland (our first Finnish clients!) Antti Pirinen and Tarja Heikkila arrived for BIG Game Fly Fishing. On Dec 12 Antti was 4 out of 6 on sailfish releases.

Dec 13,14,15,16,17,18

On Dec 13 Antti and Tarja released 7 sailfish on fly.

Antti and Tarja recorded 2 sailfish releases on fly for Dec 14. One of the sailfish was an absolute monster estimated at 140+ lbs. Tarja would have easily broken the woman's world fly fishing record with this fish. By law Guatemala is catch and release for all sailfish.

Dennis Marhula, Martin Weber, and Dwight Jelle arrived for some bluewater action. On Dec 14 the group released 1 sail conventional on 6 hook ups.

On Dec 15 the Marhula group released 1 sailfish for a second straight day. We told the group to keep their heads up and fishing would turn soon.

Fishing Dec 16 the tide turned and the anglers released 12 sailfish and raised a blue marlin.

Dec 17 - The Marhula group closed with 20 sailfish releases.

John Heffernan, Andrew Heffernan, Taylor Kensy, and Nico Gabrielly arrived for 1 day of fishing and released 21 sailfish conventional.

Kevin McCarthy, Steve Klatt, Steve Reading, and Steve Bandy arrived at SBL for 2 days of bluewater fishing. On Dec 17 the group released 15 sailfish conventional.

Dec 18 - The McCarthy group released 35 sailfish conventional.

Dec 23,24,25

Art, David, and Steven Dresner arrived to spend the holiday with us in Guatemala. In 3 days of fishing the group raised 143 sailfish and released 77 conventional and one large dorado at 27 lbs.

Dec 26,27,28,29

Dec 26 - A group of local clients joined us for one day of fishing and released 17 sailfish conventional.

We were excited to welcome The Brown family to Sailfish Bay. The group spearheaded by Bonnie Brown consisted also of Mark Brown, Mark Brown Jr (Bubs), Shannon McAfee, and her husband Mark McAfee. On their first day the group released 8 sailfish.

On Dec 27 the Brown party released another 8 sailfish. They released a double during the day and Bubs caught one of the sails on fly. Bubs also nailed a 40-pound dorado.

Dec 28 - A cold front moved in and fishing slowed down a bit. The Brown family wanted to target Marlin today, but ended up with 1 sailfish released conventional.

Also on Dec 28, Jared Sender and Matt Roth joined us for fly fishing. Tough conditions resulted in no sailfish releases.

Dec 29 - Jared and Matt determined to release sails on the fly ended up with 2 sailfish releases.

We welcomed back John O'Donnal for the 4th time for a day's fishing that resulted in 7 sailfish releases conventional.

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