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Jan 2007 - Fishing Report


Jan 3,4,5,6,7

John and Milana Domas arrived at Sailfish Bay to begin their New Year. Fishing aboard Maverick on Jan 3 the first fish of 2007 was a 200 lb blue marlin! They also released 30 sailfish conventional with 43 raises.

Jan 4 - John and Milana released 16 sailfish conventional and 1 dorado on Maverick.

Jan 5 - John and Milan focused on inshore fishing in the morning and the bite was not on. They headed out to the bluewater and were 2 for 2 on sailfish releases conventional on Maverick.

Also, on Jan 5 we welcomed Tom Love, Greg Love, Frank Love, Bill Cameron, and Kevin McCarthy to the coast for bluewater action.

The group focused on both fly fishing and conventional fishing during their stay. On Jan 5th aboard Sirena, Conga, and Tranquility the group released 33 sailfish, 1 marlin, and a 40 lb dorado.

Jan 6 - Fishing aboard Sirena, Maverick, and Tranquility the group released 18 sailfish in a combination of fly fishing and conventional.

Jan 7 - Fishing aboard Sirena, Maverick, and Tranquility the group released 7 sailfish in a combination of fly fishing and conventional. They also raised one 300 lb. blue marlin that did not bite.

A strange current has moved in closer to shore and the water is cold right now. The fish have scattered to longer distances away and we are anxiously awaiting the current to change and get back to normal. This is very unusual for January, one of our prime months. It has really slowed down the fishing. Our fishery corrects itself pretty quickly, but this seems to be taking its time.

Jan 10,11,12

The John Godfrey group returned to Sailfish Bay for the second year in a row. The anglers consisted of John, sons Bill and Jon Godfrey, Robert Murphy, James Foulke, David Foulke, Patrick Byrne, Joseph Galambos, James Riser, John Weidemann, Scott White, Trey White, Anthony Falbo, Gary Bechtold, Leon Byrne, and Gerry Maurer.

On Jan 10 the Godfrey group released 10 sailfish. On Jan 11 the anglers released 7 sailfish. And on their final day Jan 12 they released 2 sailfish.

Jan 13,14,15,16,17,18

We had 4 separate groups arrive for fishing on Jan 13. Repeat client Sean McManus and his brother Frank.

Also, repeat clients Ed & Laura Opler, Ted Rogawski joined by Frank Schurz arrived on the coast.

Hailing from Europe we were joined by Arman, Babken, and Nerses Fatunz.

Vann, Sandy, Keith and Reid Pair joined us as well at Sailfish Bay.

Jan 13 - Sean and Frank released 1 sailfish conventional. The Opler group released 0 sailfish on fly. The Pair party released 1 sailfish conventional on Allure. The Fatunz group released 1 sailfish on Teaser.

Jan 14 - Sean and Frank released 0 sailfish. The Opler group released 1 sailfish.
The Pair party released 0 sailfish. And the Fatunz group released 0 sailfish.

Jan 15 - Sean and Frank released 1 sailfish. Opler's released 0 sailfish. Pair group released 2 sailfish. Fatunz party released 1 sailfish.

Two more groups arrived for fishing on Jan 16: Fay Rogers and David Wiedemer and also Larry Deddy and Jimmy Stanger.

Jan 16 - Sean and Frank released 1 sailfish on Maverick. Opler, Rogers, Fatunz, and Deddy had 0 releases.

Jan 17 - All boats had 0 sailfish releases. However, Larry and Jimmy nailed a striped marlin on fly.

Jan 18 - Larry and Jimmy had 0 sailfish releases.

Jan 19,20,21

The Bob Porter and Pete Apol Group arrived at Sailfish Bay. The anglers were Bob, Pete, Thomas Champion, Greg Edmonds, Jaime Ulbrich, John Allen, J. Robinson, Jan Doan, Randy Bryan, George Goodhue, William Pitts, Michael Saylor, Paul Romanowski, Steve Broom, and Terence Lucarelli.

Jan 19 - The anglers released 7 sailfish conventional

Jan 20 - The group released 13 sailfish conventional.

Jan 21 - The anglers closed with 28 sailfish releases conventional.

Jan 22,23,24,25

Three more groups of bluewater anglers arrived at Sailfish Bay.

Repeat clients Tom Tomfohdre, Jim Beard, Dan Jackson, Merry Harlacher, John Novacek, and Clint Lauer joined us again.

Repeat clients Dave Klose, David Hensley, and Rick Naug came back for their 2nd visit to SBL.

Also, arriving were Paul Naylor and Rick Parsons.

Jan 22 - The Tomfohdre group released 4 sailfish and 4 dorado. The Klose group released 6 sailfish. The Naylor group had 1 sailfish release. All fishing conventional.

Jan 23 - The Tomfohdre group released 11 sailfish. The Klose group had 1 sailfish release. The Naylor group had 2 sailfish releases. All fishing conventional.

Jan 24 - The Tomfohdre group released 13 sailfish on 21 raises. The Klose group released 4 sailfish on 8 raises fishing conventional.

Jan 25 - The Tomfohdre group released 26 sailfish conventional on their last day.

Jan 26,27,28

16 more clients arrived at Sailfish Bay and the fishing started to get hot again.

The "Trolling Stones" group consisted of Bob McIntyre, Rene Viamontes, David Jobes, Dave Rauscher, Scott Kilcoyne, Marc Feinberg, Frank Rauscher, and Ken Pohlidal.

Also arriving was repeat client Jay Neal and his group that included Mark Chesnick, William Derrick, Dale Jennings, Bill Neal, Jim Hulin, Scotty Mill, and Chris Carraway.

Jan 26 - Fishing aboard Maverick and Ballena The "Trolling Stones" released 30 sailfish. The Neal group fishing aboard Sirena and Mariner released 28 sailfish.

Jan 27 - The "Trolling Stones" released 22 sailfish. The Neal party released 24 sailfish.

Jan 28 - On both groups final day The "Trolling Stones" released 18 sailfish and The Neal Group 19 sailfish (5 on fly and 5 conventional).

Jan 29,30,31
Repeat clients and ace anglers Ed & Janet Bucknell arrived at Sailfish Bay. On Jan 29 Ed and Janet released 5 sailfish on Maverick.

We also had a local group fishing aboard Sirena on Jan 29 and they released 7 sailfish.

Jan 30 - The fishing began to heat up. Ed & Janet released 20 sailfish on Maverick and 2 dorado. Our local group of anglers aboard Sirena released 9 sailfish.

Jan 31 - Ed and Janet nailed 19 sailfish on Maverick and raised a small blue marlin that did not bite. Our local group of anglers released 22 sailfish on Sirena.

Also, arriving on the coast at SBL for the hot bluewater action were Tim Courtney, Bob Herring, Perry Purdue, and Rusty Williams. Fishing aboard Allure, the group released 16 sailfish and one 400 lb Blue Marlin. Congratulations!

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