Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

January 2 - February 14, 2004


Since our last report the fishing has been wonderful in Guatemala. Before I get into the report we have a few prime dates left for anyone wishing to join us. March 25 - 28 is open and April 12 - 15 and April 20 - 26. Scattered dates as well for the rest of the year.

Michael Barnett and James Yates land 22 sails on the fly! Visiting from South Carolina, they topped their previous days release of 7 with an incredible performance 5 shy of the world record. Fishing aboard "Maverick" they raised 55 sailfish and the anglers had shots at 45. Amazingly, they had only one double release for the day. Michael told us "Feb 14 was the single greatest day I have had in 50 years of fly fishing". They are returning in 2005 with a group of 6.

Feb 13
Michael and James released 7 on fly

Feb 12
Michael and James released 3 on fly

Feb 11
Michael and James released 0 on fly. Slow day to say the least

Feb 6
We welcomed Wayne Jarrett and Irv Beimler. Also fishing in Guatemala for their first time, action was incredible their first day out with a fantastic 47 sails were released including 10 double hook ups!

Feb 7
The second day continued excellent with Wayne and Irv releasing 26 sails.

Also we welcomed returned guest Jerry Moseley along with Jeffrey McClure, Don Woodward,and John Denson. Their day began as the lines were being put out, a quick double and a steady day with 29 sailfish releases for their first day out.

Feb 8
The next day fishing continued hot with Jerry's group beginning the day with 4 sails hooked at the same time and Captain Lan successfully released all 4! Their next hookup was a triple! The day ended with 21 releases while Wayne and Irv decided to try their luck by catching a sail on fly. Both released their first sails on fly to end a fantastic trip.

Feb 9
Jerry Moseley's group ended their trip by releasing another 24 sailfish on their final day for a 3 day total of 74. Jerry has rebooked for a 3rd time in Feb 2005.

Feb 1 - 6
We welcomed another group of Guatemala first timers. The Lawrence Wittmer group. Looking forward to catching sailfish, the group began with 6 sails the first day but fishing heated up the second day with 27 sail releases. The third and fourth days remained excellent with 25 and 20 releases. Four day total of 78 sailfish!

Jan 28 - Feb 1
We welcomed Tom Tomfohrde, Clinton Lauer and James Beard visiting from South Carolina, this was their first visit to Guatemala after fishing in Costa Rica for the past 4 years. The first day started quickly, within minutes after putting the lines out they had their first sail. Action remained steady all day with doubles and a nice triple and their first day sailfish release was an impressive 23 sails! The next day followed the hot start and they released 30 sails on conventional lightweight tackle. Their third day was the best with 37 sailfish releases and their fourth and final day totaled 14 for a four day catch and release of 104 sailfish! It should be mentioned that on the first day, the crew of "Maverick" showed our guests how to hook up sails using circle hooks and all hookups were done by the guests. A job well done! They informed us that their best day ever in Costa Rica was 13 sails! "We'll be back with Sailfish Bay Lodge next year!"

Jan 22 - 29
We welcomed back repeat guest Rob Swartenberg and his buddy Craig. During their stay Ron landed 9 sails on fly and Craig landed 6 sails on fly. They had 1 double and their best day was 37 raises with 21 bites.

Jan 17 - 21
We welcomed Miles Chance, Robert Smith, Trent Stowe, Michael Wilmers, Jon Wadsworth, and Kenneth Stockwell from Michigan. All fly fishing the group worked hard and landed 3 on fly the first day, 2 on the second, and 1 on the last day.

Jan 13 - 15
We welcomed Kirk & Judy Kitson and Jan & Barbara Spiering from Bermuda. On day 1 the group released 3 on fly, 2 on conventional and 1 on fly for day 2, and 1 on fly for day #3.

Jan 2 - 12, 2004
New Record for Sailfish Bay Lodge and Maverick. 55 Sailfish in One Day!

Jan 11
Clients John Gist and 13 yr old son Ben from North Carolina, released 55 sailfish while fishing aboard Maverick. In an amazing 3 days, John and Ben released 124 sailfish setting a new 1, 2 and 3 day record for our Lodge.

Jan 9
Cool blue water moved in and the bite was on. Their first day out, they released 26 sails. "We would of been happy with 6-8", John told us. It was pretty unbelievable.

On their second day out, the wind was strong and waves were high but that didn't stop the bite. In the morning they released 13 sails and then at noon the bite went wild. Nonstop until 3:30, sailfish were attacking the teasers and slamming the bait, several times 4 were hooked up and they ended with 43 releases and John brought in a 30 lb bull dorado.

The third day out was even rougher, with strong winds and waves to 10 feet. Robert Fallon said "this was one of the nastiest days I've been out, but the most incredible bite I've ever seen!" After releasing their 54th sail, Ben asked if he could try and catch one on fly. With instructions from Robert and the wind howling and the waves breaking over the stern, Ben hooked up the first sail teased in and after a 45 minute battle, released a 95 sail on fly. Exhausted, amazed and happy were some of the feelings of John and Ben as Maverick headed to back home.

Congratulations to our friends Capt. Eric on "Intensity" and Capt. Chris on "Magic" for each releasing 25 sailfish on fly for a new world record! It was an amazing day of fishing for all.

Jan 5-7
We welcomed Dr. Brenda Holson son Rush and Brenda's brother Jerry Brown to our Lodge for a three day fishing trip. With an interest in fly fishing, Rush began the action catching his first ever sail, a beautiful 100 lb sail on fly. Brenda followed with her first sail ever on fly and hers was even bigger, 115-120 lbs. Jerry added another sail on fly, his first and the group added sails caught on a lightweight spinning rod. For their second day they released 4 on fly and on the final day, Brenda and Rush each released three on fly.

Jan 3-4
Dr Stokley Doster, wife Carolyn and Barry and Cindy Rogers came and fished for 2 days. Fishing was excellent their first day with 19 releases including 4 sails hooked at the same time. The next day the action continued and they decided to try their luck with on fly. Highlights included a double hook up on fly for the Dosters and Barry, an avid fly fisher, added his first sail ever on fly.

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